1. I'm currently in EU Central server. But I really couldn't find anything about this. I've seen this in Russian and Korean servers. Does anyone know how do we get this?

  2. I liked the fact that the letter "e" gets longer as the number of characters increases.

  3. All I can say is recently I bought Rare Clone Avatar Box and a good Avatar Set without purchasing a single cera. If you know how to farm gold you can buy whatever you want mate.

  4. I see why you're telling me to play with Impaler. I just tried to play with Skirmisher and the damage was really low for me or I didn't make it correctly. I got a more positive result when I tried impaler.

  5. Looks like Details. You can change Font, colors, textures etc in the addons options.

  6. You can only transfer characters between accounts if the last name is the same (the idea being both accounts are yours or one is your kid's). Your buddy can't just level characters and give them to you.

  7. Look up the quest in WoWHead and check comments; nine times out of ten someone’s hit the issue and posted a solution.

  8. lmao you're getting full epic sets in 2 months? I can't even complete a set for my main in almost a year

  9. reroll no vanguard main pls. If you are new, I'd go with a fixed damage class. they are easier to gear and cheaper to gear.

  10. Are Vanguard items expensive or is there something wrong with his damage?

  11. Remake account using the dfo launcher and not steam. It’s well known even on the dfo steam forums that making account through steam has issues when it comes to buying cera for some reason. I’m surprised you didn’t do any due diligence before starting this game, it’s even mentioned in the reviews on steam, you didn’t read any reviews, forums or this very Reddit beforehand? Let this be a lesson for future reference before joining ANY game, do your due diligence. For example cyberpunk when it first released had all sorts of issues now fixed. I didn’t buy day one because I did my due diligence. Also on steam if a game has its own launcher it’s best to use that launcher/client from that respective games website and you can add it to steam if you wish.

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