1. Pacman has nothing to do with SSH keys.

  2. I thought he did a market buy on kraken

  3. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance from Allianz is quite comprehensive. It's a good company and I have used them regularly. They have great service.

  4. There is international health insurance plans. Cigna offers one that I have through my employer. Split into US coverage and everything else. There are incentives to get care outside of the US.

  5. It’s anti-money laundering. A bit of a pain, but better for society as a whole.

  6. Please allow me a 5-10minutes to check on this for you .Appreciate your patience.avatarHi user thank you for waiting , Upon checking with our related teams we found that the Source of Wealth Declaration is not only because of you didnt touched the fiat or took a loan from us , it will include other method such as you made crypto deposit to Binance . In that case you need to fill up the form accordingly with supported documents.avatarPlease kindly follow the process and provide us any of the following documents for the Source of Wealth Declaration, to derive declared net-worth:1) A recent bank statement which is within a 3 months period that shows transaction. (With Full name included) 2) Income tax assessment for the year 2020. (If possible) 3) Any Crypto Wallet that could help us derive the net worth. 4) Any contract/invoices that is under User name (self-employed services) 5) If You have declared part of the wealth is through investment. (Please provide an brokerage statement) 6) Any Sales of Real estate (Please provide notary letter)avatarTo speed up the process kindly reply to the email and submit with the above documents and our relevant teams will review and notifed you through email .

  7. It just depends on where you look, and what asset you’re talking about using. One option is to stake your FTM (if that’s what you’re going for) with Stader Labs, since sFTMx is considered a liquid staking asset, and then pair that with, let’s say, yearn vault FTM on Beethoven X and get some extra yield on top of that, or with regular WFTM on spooky swap. Or you can make a pair and stake the vault on Reaper . Farm .

  8. Has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans it's the corrupt government as a whole.

  9. The “law” in this case says the account should get liquidated. There isn’t enough liquidity onchain to do so. So they passed a “law” that says if your position can’t be liquidated on chain, it’ll be liquidated by a human on a dex.

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