1. Why wouldn't he wear an isles sweater?

  2. Northern red oak. I love the branching structure.

  3. Roger Federer can wear whatever he wants.

  4. You're getting downvoted, but this is probably the answer. OPs taste buds got fucked.

  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kramatorsk_radiological_accident

  6. Kinda hard to tell, but I'm gonna go with lichen

  7. This is the reason why Vermont will die and be useless

  8. Pretty sure remaining just as it is is precisely what the vast majority of vermonters prefer. If they wanted to live in a big city or sprawling suburb, they wouldn't be in Vermont.

  9. Yeah Vermonters are like any other nimby. They just pretend to be left. You can have high density housing and robust downtown and village areas while still keeping the “soul” of Vermont. VT is growing at such a low rate and their 65+ community keeps growing without enough working age people coming into the state. There needs to major policy change to reduce the strictness 3 acre rule. Vt is a dead state that is ruled by old people and the younger people here just accept everything as is because “it’s Vermont” “the trees 😜” “higher pay? What!? it’s a perk to live in the mountains, that’s our pay 😎”

  10. Yes, there are ways the police don’t suck.

  11. Yes, but in those instances they blow

  12. Crazy can be an awfully fun place to put your dick

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