November 5 2024

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  1. be rational, is it possible he in some way found your number on the internet and after checking out your soMe profiles figured that you're interested in astral stuff - and then called you?

  2. Actually I feel this way at the moment - and I didn’t even try DMT. Things are just getting weird

  3. I’m afraid I’m going to develop ptsd from this game ha ha :’)

  4. A nice tip in the shooting range is you can hit refresh load out on your tablet and it’ll refresh all your ammo so you won’t have to keep going to the boxes. Took me a while to find that out

  5. Would never have figures this out myself… Thanks xD

  6. Google the term Folsom. Folsom is a fetish event and it will take place on the 10th September. People visit berlin and some groups even meet on the brandenburg Tor. :)

  7. I don’t think that you’re the main character, I don’t think anyone is

  8. Yea mainly because I see the “truth” of reality (looks and money are basically all that matter due to the physicality of this existence. Those two factors control so much perception). Seems like no one else fully innerstands this though so I often feel like I’m “acting” during social interactions

  9. Imagine we’re were in a simulation, I don’t think ‘the creator’ would be interested in letting us know and we would never be able to measure if anything is deterministic cause the experiment itself is a part of that.

  10. Yes, I think you are right, I didn't consider this, thank you.

  11. Precisely, so what you are saying is there is determinism but it can never be known.

  12. Soooo uh, what's going to happen November 5 2024?

  13. I was reporting and votekicking a dude talking in a sexual language to some kids in the RecCenter (VR). One of the kids he insulted told him that someone was trying to votekick him, and just laughed about it. I told some other guys in the Rec center what he had done and that they should vote Yes. Then one of those guys ran over to this toxic person (who were screaming and yelling: “who was trying to votekick me!!”) and told him that I was the one.. Now everybody in the room came at me with the toxic person in front yelling and cursing, saying he would report me and votekick me, and he repeated the sexual language he said before. All the other kids laughed, and I choose to go back to my dormroom.

  14. Write e v e r y t h i n g down. Even if it’s something half forgotten memory, write it it your journal! Remember to note which day and eventually what time it is.

  15. I'm really scared at some point I wouldn't care and just leave it somewhere and something happens to it most of my devices are pretty wrecked I just want to push myself to take care of my stuff more than I usually do

  16. I think you should buy it, I didn’t even think of how to take care of my headset before buying it - You should be good, I’m sure you’re gonna handle it with pride.

  17. It's not a huge problem, just don't let your headset sit near a window that gets direct sunlight. Put your expensive toys away properly and you'll have no problems :)

  18. THIS IS SUCH A COINCIDENCE!!!!! I’ve been wanting to post an appreciation message to all you fellow office lovers out there, and my post was automatically deleted… a few days ago idk

  19. Im so glad you shared your thoughts! Thank you so much!

  20. Sending you all the good vibes and energy from internet stranger to another…comfort shows are SO IMPORTANT and The Office is one of them that had helped so many of us escape…it’s always my go to when I fall into my depression episodes and it brings me small joy all the time without fail. It’s also comforting to know there are other people who feel this way 💖

  21. It really is! Sending good vibes directly back at ya <3 I love this Dunder Mifflin family <3

  22. I envy you as a first time reader. I’ve read it a dozen times

  23. I'd be fine to help, we have an excellent builder, coder, and music/sound designer. We've been looking to grow our team so if you would like to come work with us we'd be more than happy to help out!

  24. I would love to help aswell, or just to see how you guys operate!

  25. We operate as a team, I lead but not strict, we make unanimous decision on what we work on so nobody is left to work on something they don't wish to do. We don't rush anyone (Rarely we will if it is contest related). Essentially we are a completely understanding group that works together and not apart like some other groups.

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