Ace Steel released from AEW

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  1. Holy shit this card looks fucking terrible…

  2. And this is the go home episode for Full Gear. The absolute shits

  3. These cards look like they're being booked by the Twitter Wrestling Match Bot.

  4. Eliminator match and there's no tournament. I hate this "beat the champ THEN you get a title shot" bullshit.

  5. It makes no sense when Moxley and MJF are gonna face off at Full Gear in a few weeks. Just giving some of these people matches vs their world champion feels like granting wishes for Make a Wish kids

  6. I would hope not even Tony Khan is that stupid. He has to see how over Jamie is with the fans.

  7. You'd think he'd have saw the same thing with Wardlow and the Acclaimed after they won their titles. But he put them in a feud straight away with a cosplay lawyer to kill some of their buzz. Tony is a mark booker. Riho at the very least got a big pop last night, compared to the 'needle mover' Saraya.

  8. "Powerbomb me, like you would one of the boys, Wardlow. You big, beautiful bastard."

  9. The Owen rib on Stu Hart is great. Love the way Bret tells it too

  10. Does it bother you because Page is a man? HE'S A MAN, A MAN. (starts punching my face)

  11. It's so annoying that there are AEW fans who think that was a good promo. I swear, anyone having fire, whether it makes any sense or not, and wrestling fans just fucking melt.

  12. JUST BECAUSE YOU SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS LIKE THIS, doesn't mean it's a passionate promo, especially when it makes absolutely no sense at all. Like Page's angry promo with Punk when he came across like a whiny bitch, but then we realised he had gone into business for himself

  13. What are they even protesting about?

  14. They are the Just Stop Oil protests. The same group that threw tomato soup over the Van Gogh painting at the National Gallery

  15. How can anyone take Pac seriously after losing to this goof?

  16. He had 5 matches and left over a pay dispute. Apparently he was a nightmare to work with at TNA

  17. I’ve just stopped looking at them altogether. They weren’t adding to my enjoyment of wrestling and were actively subtracting from it.

  18. Modern wrestling fans want to be in the know with everything that's going on the business. Wrestling is kind of like a magic trick. The beauty of it all is not trying to work out how it's done.

  19. The short answer is "Yes, kinda." At least the ones he knows in the business (ie nearly all of them). Tongans too.

  20. I think Jim tells a story about Vince calling Fatu into his office to fire him, because he wasn't doing much. Fatu brought Afa, Rosey and Jamal with him. In the end, not only was Fatu not fired, but the other three were given jobs too. Vince knew not to fuck with the Samoans.

  21. Remember a shoot interview with HTM. He said he was supposed to get a $1000 paycheck when Lawler was running Memphis. He paid him $999 and Lawler said he should be happy to get his first $1000 paycheck. He was so pissed that Lawler won't pay the extra dollar. Especially from his cousin.

  22. That pop is going to be one for the ages. Hopefully it's at the Rumble and he wins

  23. I had to search Ronnie Radke on Wikipedia. The legal issues sub-heading is a dummies guide on how to be a shitty human being

  24. That guy doesn't draw tho, maybe Scott coltson could do it instead

  25. That man shares a bank account with his mother. Tells you all you need to know about his character

  26. The way he runs away like Mr. Bean gets me everytime

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