Well Now, You Don't See This Kind Of Accident Everyday...

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  1. OP was talking about Americans who complain, so they (IMO correctly) used the temperature scale Americans are most familiar with.

  2. literally today I almost rear ended not one but two cars, one had come to a complete stop in the middle of the road and the other was backing up into a parking lot from a 3 lane road. what the fuck is wrong with MD drivers lmao

  3. I'd take thorium MSRs over acres of silicon and batteries any day.

  4. take a shit on teachers desk and say god told you to do it and you cant defy him

  5. maybe they're trying to encourage you to get electric appliances


  7. using an ebike to replace a car for short trips. its really relaxing not being in a cage and I can always turn the motor off and get some exercise

  8. I work at an electronics recycler, specifically as an audit and repair technician. you're bound to see some weird shit when you audit 150+ computers a day lol

  9. Producing reliable conversion kits in the necessary volume would be a nightmare. How would one guarantee availability for all the different car models that exist. If third parties do the conversions, then how can one be assured of a quality conversion? Also if much manual labor is included, the cost will be difficult to bring down to an affordable level.

  10. no need to make a separate kit for every single car, most cars share engine or transmission with multiple other cars from the same manufacturer or even other manufacturers.

  11. Can you drive & insure such a kit car in the states? In europe doing an ICE->EV conversion would be a regulatory nightmare, as that could be interpreted as a unique vehicle, and it wouldn't pass any inspection without a lot of special effort.

  12. I feel like it would be similar to an engine swap, not sure what that's like though lol

  13. I'm a great pain and slice in my ass' valley, I'm the worst pain in my bed when I'm crashing, but the worst I put my bed in my bath box and sit in my hole when I'm crashing. Scooby-Bolt but the beet item slows down my hole in this way but definitely moves. In the accident at the top of my brush, like turtle, I energize glory with the storm and wind, I am from my ass like this tomorrow. The literature exploded like me in the toilet. The side of the toilet is completely locked on my filth, and reflected in my bathroom at 2:00 a.m. He helps his battle to win huge pain, but the gift is not worth it.

  14. Do you think interesting to show people's shots inftft, huh? Contact Us This is a property even if you save it yourself. He is crazy because he does not have his own art.

  15. holy shit. I'm starting to reconsider going to facialteam lol

  16. Phone battery bot only detects iPhone battery. So American.

  17. if it helps you feel better my weenie never made milk either lol

  18. hair removal such as electrolysis. I didn't ask for this stupid hair all over my body and now it hurts to remove?

  19. the only information I could find about it was a strike in May of 2020, that apparently ended with all striking employees being terminated and being replaced with prison labor. There was controversy in september surrounding trash pick up because of hurricane Ida but thats the most recent thing I saw.

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