1. As a ethernet only user i would Press that button faster than a twitter conversation turning racist/sexist

  2. isn't coronary angioplasty a procedure to open up your arteries and not a test

  3. There’s an anti-woke protest at the Williamson county ag center on Saturday

  4. Come to a place where nobody will see you. Tens of people will be there!

  5. After the last couple of elections, I don’t take anything for granted anymore. Even the craziest candidates are able to stir up a lot of support, and the last thing I want is for MTG to have any more power than she already does.

  6. Same. I could hope that she has the same effect on Trump's campaign as Sarah Palin did for John McCain, but the GOP has become much more batshit crazy in the last decade that I can totally see them lining up to vote for this unholy alliance.

  7. The only positive thing that would come from that is that, as long as Trump didn't die in office, she would be pretty much done in politics 4 years later. Trump isn't going to let any VP do anything that might take attention away from him and there's no way in hell's worst nightmare that Marge wins a presidential election in 2028.

  8. It's not about the life savings, it's about the libs they owned along the way.

  9. I prefer having one arm be not sore the next day, but to each his own.

  10. Souvenirs according to him. I almost believe that. No way he brought home something he had to read.

  11. Pretty sure the bus station is just a place to catch the bus since none of the hands have their own vehicles.

  12. Yelled clear for the intruders? Because there's no one else with a gun.

  13. They pretty surely give their higher ups salvation a lot of the time flipping shit given to them on good will for profit

  14. My aunt works for the salvation army, she's worked there 20 years and I've volunteered more times than I can count. Those stores aren't making anyone rich. Several have been closed because they don't even pay for themselves.

  15. It sounds like the both of you did a lot of good. From what I hear, there's that part of the salvation army you described and then there's that horrible exploitative fundamentalist Christian organization that discriminates hates and for example threatened to close thousands of locations if forced to adhere to civil rights laws.

  16. Why did you bring your glass of milk with you?

  17. Pretty sure they had a bit on the West Wing where they weren't allowed to say the word "recession" because doing so might cause a recession.

  18. Could you imagine eating a shit bullet though?

  19. Rddt seems very gullible. How can you not see this is staged? The guitar itself most likely belongs to the TV channel. Some of you must be born post- Jerry!! Jerry!! era.

  20. It's like the old WWF. "Oh look, someone propped a folding chair up against the ring. I hope they don't use it as a weapon."

  21. Oh yeah. He’ll drive by even when his restaurant is closed and will tow a single car in the lot. My guess is he gets a cut of the towing fee. I don’t know what else would drive the man to have so may vehicles towed.

  22. Is he? He said he was running, but did he bother to do the paperwork?

  23. vzq says:

    Great idea! I hate it when I lose my galaxy.

  24. We had a car with a check engine light on. We knew the end of emissions was coming and drove it 4 months past the tag expiration date because the repair isn't vital right now.

  25. I have TWO venting out, one from microwave and another, basically a bathroom fan. And the house and me still stinks through the next day. When I moved in there was some sort of industrial vent in middle of kitchen ceiling but it didn’t work and I thought, what the heck I need that got? Now I know. It must have to do with house framing. Both vents go through low attic space then out. I know the installer well enough that he did it ‘right’.

  26. I don't know anything about your house, but I do know that microwaves don't have fans that move enough air. They push like 500 cfm and a dedicated range hood is like 1000 - 2000 cfm. Mine is 1500.

  27. I’m with you about venting. For some curious reason ,that even our contractor can’t resolve, despite installing 2 strong venting out fans, neither picks up the smoke fumes generated while tossing some ingredients in a pan. I tested the exhaust using a lit incense stick but the smoke does not exit at an effective rate. The smell of whatever I sautéed in a pan the night before can linger in the living areas for 2 days. And I smell like a short order cook working the lunch hour at a truck stop diner I can’t fathom installing any type of cooking top without proper ventilation ( and I don’t mean those circulating filters). Over years it will save ceilings, walls, fabrics and the dry cleaning bills incurred for the clothes damaged.

  28. I think Beth will tell Rip expecting him to tear Jamie apart, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Either Rip will refuse or he’ll talk to John and John will say no. I’ve posted this elsewhere - My personal theory is that Beth dies when John makes a choice she doesn’t agree with, and that Jamie is somehow a reason for her death. She lashes out in a way that risks everything for everyone and John is forced to stop her. Beth has been waiting to use this hysterectomy against Jamie for a long time. Being told ‘no’ could be just the thing to tip her over the edge.

  29. Because it's repetitive shite. Same posts every day - "tier lists" "most underrated song/album" "fave song of each album" "least fave song of each album" "best album opener" "recommend me some songs" etc etc.

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