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  1. Sorry Lucia he only takes white haired kids

  2. Another meme dunking on the wrong frame. And did you just copy that other meme but with a different background?

  3. Imo they gave Sophia a chance. At least she isn't against alpha, luna or plume but I am surprised qu had that many votes.

  4. The Ice team do be slandering Changyu, but little do they know, they'll be slandered by the entire roster later on.

  5. Plume's damage is not only from her ult, it's on the orb pings too. That's why you QTE at the very first orb ping to get maximum damage up until the ult. If you only QTE on the ult you are losing major DPS.

  6. well you got a point. plume needs a timestop buff. just cope

  7. actually the name Cocoritter reminds me of Camu: Crocotta from PGR

  8. Can someone please explain to me how these insanely annoying memes are supposed to be funny

  9. if you laugh then its funny. Memes transcend logic and reason. They are the DNA of the soul

  10. Can someone please explain this to me? I’m new and I can play, the only thing I am noticing in the lack of option to select Selena on the banner, but I don’t even know if that’s a thing, I’m only basing it off how I saw the Nier characters wornk.

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