1. Just tell them it’s for boost, they will understand 😉

  2. I worked with a dude from Russia that would do the timeshare seminars to get free trips.

  3. My wife and I did something similar twice in NYC not too long ago. 2 free nights at the new Yorker hotel in Manhattan. Just had to sit through an hour long sales pitch. They even gave you a random visa gift card! I think our last card had a couple hundred on it

  4. There used to be one by culver and waring in the plaza

  5. Waring and master st. Still there according to google maps

  6. Any 585, 716, or 315 apes that want to throw, HMU

  7. Lol Gen X and retired? The oldest Gen Xers would be like 62

  8. I could’ve retired at 37. Depends on what career path you chose. Missed the retired part anyways

  9. I would love a stonky meal for supper! My first nft on my wallet! 0xE4f736B649b62dC9668F2125710A8dfF2BC78Aa9

  10. Those are the best! I found a good health sitting right next to a dumpster. Looked like someone burnt dinner and got fed up or something. Cleaned her up and it's now one of my favorites

  11. My wife and I got the delta around Christmas. Really put us down. I was like “ooooo I get 10 days off work to play CS!”

  12. Interesting that they are (possibly) in a DC trainer wearing basically speedos and flip flops

  13. Heck of a lot more comfy than safety boots and helmets!

  14. They approved my wife’s step sister for a mortgage. That’s all the DD I need. They will give a mortgage to anyone

  15. He sleeps between us. He doesn’t need a mortgage or rent

  16. You hit the main ones I watch CPP, and yumbl. T4get is pretty cool too

  17. Security: we have people on the property. Should I intercept? Other security: nah….it’s just someone flipping them off again Security: we should buy more GME

  18. Yup. My dog wants back to New Jersey lmao

  19. I have family in New York. They said there was a tornado watch. Pretty rare occurrence

  20. Until they enable LRC transaction support in GS wallet you have to use other tools to move around Loops

  21. Fantastic! I feel kinda like when I got my first letter from computershare!

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