1. There’s no other resources for pregnant GM’s other than using your vacation to take time off I initially thought that which I need to leave with pay you but I guess it’s with each company’s choice

  2. Huh? There's this thing called FMLA. I had 3 months protected leave when I gave birth and got paid all three months when I applied for temporary disability.

  3. All the Panda stores in our region is closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  4. I weaned my baby around this time but he was only nursing 4 times a day at this point. He was on BLW since 6 months. Our pediatrician said it's all perfectly fine, that we should start leaning towards solids and have baby eat as frequently as we do. So he has been eating all meals with us plus a couple of snacks starting at 7 months. He'll still have milk before bed, in the morning when he wakes up, and a couple of times during the day but only like 5/6 ounces each. He's gaining normal. Maybe check with your ped to see what they say?

  5. Psychopaths man... I don't get how people can just point a gun at someone and feel no remorse.

  6. Nice try Firefox! Although, I might try it again. Last time, I downloaded it was probably a decade ago.

  7. I'm in a great minority but I like the first anime better for some reason.

  8. Not my favorite, but probably the greatest anime ever made.

  9. Up, specifically during the flashback scene

  10. So much emotional investment so early into the movie. How they do us like that tho?????

  11. When the baby in Ice Age finally meets his family again, then gives the trio one final cuddle before they go.

  12. You're 18. This is probably gonna happen a few more times in the next few years. Dump the guy, get a new boyfriend and when that gets old again, move on to the next one til you meet your forever person. Life's too short to settle.

  13. New windows. Those are always appealing to buyers because that means perceived less cost to them, plus good long term value.

  14. I want a live action remake of Treasure Planet. The graphics would be out of this world.

  15. Start a war to place the rightful heir on the throne and parade the heads of the illegitimate basterds afterwards, duh.

  16. Well, that really sucks man. I do agree with you, it seems like there is no compromising anymore and what you said seems to be the best option going forward with your lives while you work on yourself without the added pressure of needing to perform for a partner.

  17. Don't let anyone manipulate you into something you're uncomfortable doing. He's gaslighting you and that's a massive red flag. Run. Block him and find someone else.

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