girl gets stuck in a washer doing a dare

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  1. What mess? You are in South Africa lol. PLus it is the Netherlands, kinda odd that a European is not aware of the Netherlands..

  2. That’s exactly my thought. If you can survive in South Africa, you can most definitely live and enjoy the Netherlands. And did you know that Afrikaans is a dialect of the Dutch language?

  3. There’s only one solution to this problem and it’s gonna be rigorous: ditch the boyfriend.

  4. The number of people in here who can't take a joke is absolutely staggering.

  5. I fully agree. In the Netherlands we have a nice word for all those misogynists: azijnzeikers. Literal translation: acid pissers.

  6. If the faulty date in the contract worked to your disadvantage (i.e. if the wrote April 2024), do you think they would feel bad for you? If not, why would you feel bad for them now?

  7. Mijn ouders hebben lang geleden eens een jaarafrekening gekregen voor 100.800 m3 water, terwijl hun verbruik in de voorgaande jaren altijd rond de 800 m3 was. Toen ze de waterleverancier belden, vonden ze het daar ook wel een beetje vreemd. Ze hadden er geen verklaring voor waarom een gezin opeens een miljoen liter water verbruikt. Mijn ouders moesten zelf de suggestie aandragen dat de meteropnemer die bij hen thuis was geweest bij het eerste cijfer kennelijk een invoerfoutje had gemaakt.

  8. Ndthing wrdng here, I ddn’t see a prdblem.

  9. This problem cannot be solved. I cannot possibly think of a solution.

  10. How is this next fucking level? It’s armed forces shooting at unarmed citizens. That’s not next fucking level, it’s downright criminal behavior!

  11. He’s actually perfectly alright. His name is David Copperfield and this is his new trick.

  12. You idiot! She’s obviously celebrating that the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) was founded in 1844.

  13. It’s actually nowhere. It’s an illusion.

  14. That would be $ 8000 for the bare car plus $ 8000 for the wheels minus $ 5000 for the overall looks.

  15. Non-American here. Who’s this Brandon dude anyway? I’ve never seen any European media mention him. Ever.

  16. I have one credit card, that I never use because it's idiotic. My interest rate for that ONE card is 19.99% while the other cards is 4-5%. When I called the one with the exorbitant interest rate and asked them why, they said, "you don't have any debt with us so we don't know if you can pay it back".

  17. Taking out loans is widely discouraged in most European countries. In the Netherlands every single commercial that encourages loans ends with the statement Beware: lending money costs money. As part of consumer protection laws, the maximum interest rate on any loan to consumers is capped by law at 14% annually (currently reduced to 10% in the aftermath of the pandemic) [

  18. Silver car fully, the mustang was already signaling for a time and also beginning to make the move and to actually be fully on the lane. Plus, I don't know about america but in europe(in general) there is a rule about this, when one from the third lane and one from the first lane both want to go on the second lane, the one on the first lane MUST let the one on the third lane go first(unless of course the one on the third lane signals for the guy to go ahead but pretty hard to do that on the highways where usually there are three lanes).

  19. I’m from the Netherlands and I have never heard of this rule before. It’s definitely not a rule in this country.

  20. Is the nose chain mandatory to commit this mild violence?

  21. I don’t want to make you feel miserable, but here are some general rules of thumb:

  22. It's 50/50. They should have moved all the easily movable shit but the painters also skipped areas around the door sensors and along the walls

  23. Why should the painters have to do that as opposed to the owners? I don’t see a single reason for that.

  24. Because they want to get paid? Either tell the people who hired you to move the stuff or don't do the job if you cant/won't move it. They just wasted a bunch of materials on a job they'll either have to come back to or won't be getting paid for.

  25. I fully agree with you on that. I initially thought that you partially blamed the painters for not moving all those items themselves.

  26. Why are those two vehicles sticking in the left and middle lanes?

  27. De grootste aandeelhouder is op dit moment nog steeds de Nederlandse staat, met een

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