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  1. How long does it usually take for the code to populate?

  2. It's really easy. Loot three nuke sites, hit up some buys

  3. Touche sir, yeah that's definitely a three-man activity

  4. Not to be that guy, but I believe I figured it out.

  5. The challenge said extract 6 killstreaks in one mission so I assumed you have to do it a specific way. And that's the thing when driving, you don't hold a gun :/

  6. I only see them in orange chests. Potentially only from areas you need keys to get into. Have you bought the 30k$ key yet and cleared that area?

  7. No I have bought that key. In certain buy boxes we've found precision airstrike for purchase but it's hit and miss.

  8. I’ve had no problems with the AI. Maybe don’t just sprint through areas? DMZ feels like it’s meant to be played as a slower, more tactical shooter.

  9. Play smarter, learn to avoid if you can't win the fight, get better gear, work as a team.

  10. I agree with a lot of your points, immensely enjoying DMZ

  11. Dude, me and my group are having a fucking blast with DMZ. I think they have a gold mine with the mode.

  12. I also have this issue, I can't collect the dog tags I need for the bounty!

  13. What bullshit is that? I'm a snowflake because I don't want this ruined for everyone and I want to report a cheater?

  14. Wonder if it will show items hacked vs items used. Be funny to end up seeing the people who hack and use multiple accounts stats that way.

  15. Or people who supply items. We have a farmer who supplies us bursters because they can't travel.

  16. What is the PSI of a tire like that that would cause it to do that?

  17. 125psi on big truck tires designed to haul heavy loads

  18. I just have a minivan and anytime I put air in the tire fear it will explode. Is this warranted?

  19. No, very different pressures and forces, plus you don't have a split rim

  20. This is an unpopular opinion, but I get why the officer mistook this guy's burger for a weapon. It's dark, you don't know whether or not they have a gun, adrenaline could be going.

  21. Am I the only one who sees the driver try to take the cop out by backing up and hitting him with the door? I feel like a crazy person reading all these comments.

  22. You need to watch it closer. Kids was eating a cheeseburger !

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