UK approves extradition of Julian Assange

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Ukraine fears western support will fade as media loses interest in the war

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Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows

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  1. If his only crime was to leak war crimes my opinion would be different (see Snowden who literally has asylum in Russia right now).

  2. So you think women protesting the Taliban deserved to be arrested and people people protesting the Belarusian regime deserved to be disappeared?

  3. Nothing to worry about Ukraine, war will never stop being profitable for America

  4. You’re literally an American teenager just here to beg for room temp IQ yuropean upvotes

  5. Ah so I was right, you DON’T have any idea how elections are run in those countries, but still felt confident in declaring them bogus. Propaganda works.

  6. I know perfectly how “elections” there are run.

  7. You either don’t have a clue or you’re purposefully lying. Give 100 people a blind test of Cuban and Philippine elections and ask them to point to the most fair, 100/100 will pick Cuba. Easy to lie with confidence when 99% of people on Reddit were taught that Cuba is Satan from kindergarten.

  8. Biden is at fault for the Texas State Police's lack of testicles? I figured that it would be Abbott....the chief executive of that state.

  9. “The White House refused to call for an investigation into the police response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, saying President Joe Biden "has the utmost respect for the men and women of law enforcement””

  10. Here we have a wild specimen of gullible crackpot westerner. They’re in the process of displaying their signature defense technique of spamming “WUMAO!!!“ when called out on their bullshit. Fascinating.

  11. How’s life being a prisoner forced to do 五毛 work? Or are you really that stupid?

  12. “Anyone who isn’t as stupid and gullible as me and doesn’t fall for insane conspiracy theories that have absolutely zero supporting evidence is a paid shill.”

  13. Stalinism and MLism is really fucking terrible but the base idea behind communism that a lot of people support revolves around equal rights and a classless society for all. That is not a weird thing to support, just a bit naive imo since it probably won't ever happen haha

  14. What’s the difference between MLism and Stalinism

  15. If you want a higher wage get yourself promoted or find a different job

  16. Cause neither the right or left side of politics give a single fuck about the average American

  17. there is no “left side” of politics in America

  18. Lookit the lil snowflake and his "But what about Clinton?"

  19. All I did was point out a couple of Democrats who we know are guilty of sexual assault and got massively downvoted. if you are that sensitive to recognizing sexual abusers in your own party, ur the snowflake

  20. So no evidence of paying hush money? Gotcha, you can't even whattaboutism correctly.

  21. We’re really hitting unprecedented levels of copium with: “The free market can’t be responsible for this because the free market would never be inefficient!”

  22. Even more ironically, North Korea closely fits Republican ideology in that power is concentrated among the State and the ultra-wealthy oligarchs while the people are brutally subjugated, imprisoned, and executed.

  23. Probably the dumbest shit I’ve read today. You have a baby’s grasp of politics

  24. wow, you might have just set a world record for biggest victim complex in existence with this one. Well done.

  25. I'm not Canadian. I have not been a truck driver since 2003. I don't follow the "you might have just set a world record for biggest victim complex in existence" I never claimed to be a victim. However, I do support the rights of all to peacefully assemble and air their grievances to the government

  26. You are comparing yourself to victims of literal genocide and systematic racism and murder. This is as close to the textbook definition of victim complex you can get.

  27. Why do you care so much about how much a random person rests themselves for covid. This has literally zero effect on your life and here you are, upset about it. That seems more like actual mental illness to me

  28. What’s wrong with ceding a small bit of territory that’s full of Russians that don’t want to be part of Ukraine to avoid more pointless bloodshed. If you disagree you care about political gain and control more than the lives being lost daily

  29. Oh fuck, you're on /anti work and /socialism? HA! No wonder you're downplaying the abject horror that has been unleashed by communist guerilla groups worldwide.

  30. Russian Revolution being in here is typical brain dead reddit-lib shit but January 6th??? Give me a fucking break lol

  31. So if this ruling holds up, we're looking at a much darker America. One where womens' rights are no longer a given, and one where they may come for your rights next.

  32. Obama failed on his promise to codify Roe v Wade into federal law. RBG refused to retire and allow Obama to fill her seat with a liberal justice. Democrats ran an almost universally hated politician who lost to the most under qualified major candidate in history. And you want us to vote for the same people who are responsible for this failing in the first place. Very definition of “delusional”

  33. Well, it's that or let the ones who actively want to end abortion win, so it's not a hard choice. Capitalism isn't gonna be smashed by November, so if you want to prevent the worst, I'd get registered and vote straight Dem.

  34. There’s zero material difference between “actively wanting to end abortion” and “not doing anything to stop those people.”

  35. Someone tell AOC that the 4th Amendment has been dead since Nixon

  36. Sex workers are workers. But any communist worth their salt should support the abolition of sex work by smashing both its parent systems: capitalism and the patriarchy.

  37. Purges=/=killings. "Most" people weren't killed when they were purged, a tiny minority were. Russia has declassified all this stuff by now, these cold war myths can go ahead and die.

  38. Sorry dude but you’re on reddit cold war bullshit is astroturfed to the front page daily

  39. correct take is that there is no “American left” at all, you have to venture into the fringes to find actual left wingers in America

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