1. What are you talking about? Transcripts are absolutely permanent, and they absolutely matter when applying to higher education even years after completing the course/school.

  2. Depends on what you do and where you live. I graduated in 91, and nobody has asked for a transcript since 92. If they wanted one now, it would be a major red flag for even talking to them, let alone working for them. And high school... Fuck anyone who cares what I did in highschool.

  3. All of these gun bans happened so suddenly. And they said they'd never. But then again thats the government talking.

  4. Considering that gun control and restrictions started in the late 1970s and early 80s, and has been talked about damn near every year since then, yeah, "suddenly" there are restrictions.

  5. I've used a few different tools. My current favorite is dwservice. I only use it once in a while for a handful of computers, and not in a workplace. Just for personal reasons.

  6. Tried it, it is not bad but some commands like Windows + R does not work or Control + C/V

  7. Yeah, it would be better if the keyboard shortcuts worked.

  8. I've always been able to talk to animals, humans too. But whether they understand me is a different question. Also when they talk to me, I haven't really got a clue what they're saying.

  9. There is an app for Android TV called vidio or something like that which has a bunch of Hindi content. It does offer paid content but has a lot of free content too. Or it used to last year.

  10. I blame imports for the lack of daytime running lights. Some of the people selling vehicles are blissfully unaware that they're selling a foreign vehicle.

  11. DRL are a relatively recent addition to cars. Also it's a Canadian rule, so cars built for other countries don't have them as stock. They are supposed to have them retrofitted when they are imported, but Canadian Tire is or at least was the only import safety location and their quality isn't always the best. I have an imported vehicle and for safety reasons I pulled out their rats nest of wires.

  12. I was grocery shopping not too long ago and heard Classical Gas. I had to say, that day was a good day.

  13. I would echo what others have said. You need an MSP, but also a tech skilled person to manage the odds and ends of dealing with the MSP and the projects and taking that extra work off your plate. Part project manager and part CIO.

  14. Maintenance on gas machines is killer. Would never buy one without electric start (you’ll need a cord anyway). You really have to know how to operate and put time into gas machines.

  15. Maintenance is easy. Keep air in the tires, gas in the tank, change the oil every spring. Then just fix it when it breaks. I've replaced 1 belt in 10 years, and one connecting pin for a shifter, but my machine is almost 50 years old. I'm 2nd owner.

  16. AVOCADO! It changes flavour completely when it’s cooked and goes all warm and slimy and ewwwww

  17. I tried the baked avocado and egg thing, it was horrible. Avocado should not be cooked.

  18. I definitely prefer sashimi over cooked salmon. What makes cooked salmon bad for you?

  19. Salmon always tastes like there's dirt in it. Raw is better. I'd rather have any other fish.

  20. France, but skip Paris. It's nice, but wouldn't you rather go to Nice? Or Rennes, or Saint Malo, or...

  21. Start by making a backup of all your data. Then if you have storage space, use forensit transwiz to make a copy of you profile.

  22. with all the record profits these grocers are raking in, I wonder if they spent some of it on offsite backups and a proper DR/BC plan

  23. Backups? We can't afford those.

  24. Probably easiest to just look at the money, but make sure you factor in the cost of support and the additional cost for MDM. You shouldn't deploy ipads without some form of management system and probably an additional support person.

  25. I feel like we need more of a metric than just drunk drivers. Alabama probably has the edge on incestuous relationships and farm animal abuse.

  26. Drove through northern Wisconsin last year, still lots of Trump 2020 flags in front of mobile homes. Weird cause not only does he not care about them, he doesn't know where they are.

  27. The reality is that MB will follow whatever happens south of the 49th, so your best bet is to get involved in US politics and get them to eliminate it. Then MB will follow.

  28. Depends on what you need to know. Sometimes you can't get what you want from the usual sources and need to write your own. Sometimes your vendor has a solution already built, and sometimes you just use what everyone else is using.

  29. If you want something to look really cool, try soda jelly, but use tonic water. I would add some grapefruit as the bitter citrus would match the tonic water. Quinine glows bright blue under blacklight, so make the jelly and add a blacklight to your lighting and it should look amazing.

  30. It has taken far too many years to realize the company is always going to put the company ahead of the employees. Especially when they are a "family". When the CEO has a fragile ego, doubly so.

  31. Haven't water bath canned potatoes been the only source of botulism death related to home canning in the last 50 years? I get what you're saying, but Samantha has a valid point.

  32. You mention MDM but then say windows and Mac, so are you looking to manage phones, or laptops?

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