1. nahh mate, nothing worked as of now, tried everything suggested here

  2. Having the same issue. Did you ever get it @tannu3962 ?

  3. no sir I gave up on that eventually, don't know if there's a solution now

  4. Recently picked up Halo MC collection as I haven't played any halo games before. Right now on Halo 2 campaign

  5. yes sir I have, but right now I am playing mafia def.

  6. Do yiu have any perks that terrify enemies equipped .. maybe the last dude is terrified before he can attack you

  7. I really wanted to use the coupon for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But man... the game is not on sale. I've been waiting for that since they announced the sale.

  8. really enjoyable gameplay, environment and story mate but yeah, buy it only when its on sale. Not worth rhe full price IMO, too short for that

  9. There's 18 days left to use the coupon. If you haven't used the coupon on any games during this spring sale then you're obviously not going to play the game you might use the coupon on during this sale much once you own it.

  10. could be true as epic likes to give away stuff cheaply

  11. Well, i have that video and i didn't payed anything extra other than her subscription charges.

  12. Just joined tks so much for you great work 👍

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