1. My boy’s even bigger than Snorlax. He went Oozaru size!

  2. Not even gonna lie, I literally thought this was Lorne at first lol

  3. I love everything about TCAP - why wouldn’t I wanna be naked while watching TCAP?

  4. The anime is very faithful to the manga, in the sense that it essentially presents the complete manga story line in animated format, with color, voice acting, and music.

  5. It’s actually French… and pronounced Lover Man “Jean Oui” ❤️🇫🇷🥖

  6. When you find a partner who accepts that Chris Hansen is the third person in the relationship, then you know you have a keeper.

  7. He’s a tall, dreamy journalist, who’s cute, built good

  8. Person on the phone: I’m sorry? I’m- I’m a little confused. You said you have an interview on Monday?

  9. I always forget he has the same birthday as me

  10. You were born October 25th… and he was born October 25th… you’re not interested in having any furtherrrrrr things in common

  11. Please be gentle, my back hurts… my back hurts I swwwearrr… Ohhhhhhhhhh… thank you

  12. I love how Chris Handsome’s voice does that little ‘stretch’ as he passes Lorne his nudes… casual yet confident, while dressed up smooth as James Bond

  13. I sleep on the floor, I quit muh’ jawb because the guy pissed me off and also so I have time for more important things, like showing my penis and balls to my fiancé on the inuhnet’.

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