1. He has his hands around people in all his other Instagram stories.

  2. No, if the value you provide for the company is the same why does it matter if you are in NY or AL

  3. Shouldn’t we be voting on these things? I don’t understand how all these fees just pop out of nowhere. It’s like Ticketmaster is running the government.

  4. I've been having buttseks for 26 years. I assure you, it is. If I'm going to eat your ass, it will be clean. If it isn't, it's not being eaten.

  5. Chinese culture is not as individualistic as Western cultures, and "cheating" is seen as a viable means to gain an advantage over your peers, and is not discouraged. ChatGPT and Playground can already produce believable results effortlessly, so it is very likely that much of the recent uptick in China is students using it to submit generated content on their own work.

  6. You haven't attended a US university where cheating is rampant even in top tier schools.

  7. It doesn’t matter how many whataboutism arguments you mention, it will not take away anything from the fact that Chinese people are just inherent cheats due to it being ingrained in the culture.

  8. Amazing that your world view is that the Chinese people as a whole are cheats and you think you don't need introspection.

  9. All these ignorant-ass comments… in Asia it’s normal to take a nap after lunch at home, school, or work. It’s just a normal part of the day. In fact it’s more humane and less dystopian than what we do in the US with a five minute junk food break.

  10. How did they tank because of the CPC? They started sucking already with their games.

  11. Her work day started at 820...which would make it an 8hr day. Unless we're including the workout and crepe breakfast as part of her job?

  12. My friend works at Raytheon as an engineer. He tries to stall as much as possible on every project, billing as many hours, working as much overtime as possible, flying as much as possible, maxing out every per diem meal. How are you supposed to stop that?

  13. What about those making more than $160k in a HCOL and not a billionaire?

  14. I been in the real world on my own for 4 years now. I just don’t surround myself with racists. Speak for yourself.

  15. So you live in a bubble and don't work or go out in public. No wonder you are surprised.

  16. Damn, amazed how it looks like the bar almost toppled forward but you held on

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