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  1. Look up Carmine. This doesn't appear safe in any way.

  2. Last one is a real survivor, top genetics right there

  3. This city is so wild man. I've been in LA 7 years, lived in Hollywood for 8 months and this is the first time I've ever heard of the Hollywood Farmers Market. Can't wait to check it out next week and see what I've been missing

  4. Funny how the feds printers never run out of ink/toner

  5. You think this kind of thing is meant to walk across boringly?

  6. You mean to tell me it’s not uncommon for people to buy more than ONE bottle of wine at a time? Y’all must be Mr. Money Bags over there

  7. What are the odds that one merchant would have 2 bottles? Where do they keep the 2nd one when it’s not being sold? Riddle me THAT!☝️

  8. What is the utility of calling something green when not only has the word been co-opted by companies to make their products seem more environmentally friendly than what they actually are, but also creates further division amongst the populace

  9. It’s not the term “green” that creates divisions. It’s clear that the people that oppose what comes along with those “green” ideas are going to try and scapegoat whatever terminology you decide to use. It’s also clear that unscrupulous people will try and capitalize on whatever terminology you choose to use. But, the only solution to that is do nothing, or not try in any way to educate or inform people about the topic. How is that better? If you can come up with a better idea, immune from all rhetorical trickery, then put up.

  10. I clearly never said I was against educating people, and in fact find that to be more important. I’m heavily involved in my local community advocating for public transit, EV charging infrastructure, walkability, solar investment and more. I can also think using “green” terminology can often be a hinderance. Funny how both things can be true. Also funny how people claim again and again that “green” terminology is so trivial and they can’t believe I made one comment about it, yet continue to ferociously advocate for it

  11. I don’t think it’s trivial, and I’d wager most everyone here agrees with you to one extent or another, but what I don’t hear coming from you, is a viable alternative. I get the danger of shorthand, but we need some shorthand, or this conversation becomes to cumbersome to communicate to people that aren’t already in the know.

  12. Never underestimate the cunning of a clear psychopath. Notice the cold, dead eyes and lack of remorse.

  13. I get shit on by my friends because I think this might be my favorite Tarantino film. Great flick.

  14. Reddit will disagree with you, you had issues and didn’t know it apparently 🤣

  15. Sounds about right. I had a 58cm and I’m 5’ 10”, so you’re a good 4” taller.

  16. I mean you can poke a knife through drywall easily (and even punch through it, so I’m told), I’m not sure why anyone thinks they would be good at stopping bullets.

  17. You can definitely punch through it, as long as there’s not a stud too close. You might break something if you do it wrong, but you can definitely hit it in a sweet spot, and suffer zero injuries to your hand. I would 100% not count on it to slow down a bullet.

  18. I have to travel with 2 sometimes 3 laptops—thin has perks.

  19. I commute on a bike. It’s nice to have a thin machine, especially since it needs a bombproof case around it.

  20. You definitely want to watch it. Gonna fuck your shit right up.

  21. You left out posts praising Henry Ford and Andrew Jackson, with thinly veiled attacks on rich Jews.

  22. Not the brake pads xD xD how ridiculous is the thief going to look when he takes this thing to sell

  23. It's true. I put brake pads in my cylinders and it stops so quick, it doesn't even start!

  24. Was actually planning on using some tongue and groove wall sheets (very common in Norway where Im based). Its more common than plaster / drywall nowadays around here. But thanks for the suggestion!

  25. You could hog out a little material on the back of the t&g. Set up a little router, planer, belt sander, or whatever. Nobody will ever be the wiser.

  26. Gappin’ plugs and kickin ass.

  27. I have been a defendant in Chancery Court (Cook County, Illinois) some years ago.

  28. It’s astonishing how legally inept this guy is. Just shut up. Let your lawyers do their thing, and they’ll try and get you the best outcome. He’s not doing them any favors. It’s like watching Alex Jones fucking himself by badmouthing the the judge and jury that he’s currently sitting before. How did he get this far in life?

  29. I think Musk’s angle is sort of what you hinted to in your original comment…

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