1. Raspberry Leaf is also great, my partner has also had lots of luck with mescaline (from San Pedro) to restart or regulate cycles. Acid and mushrooms occasionally helped with pain, but San Pedro seemed to be on a diffrent level.

  2. Yes, this is the best way to store it, even for dry mushrooms. It'll keep potent for a few years at least, though potency could slowly drop over time.

  3. As others have said, LSD first then MDMA after (I prefer 4 hours later). Make sure you are well hydrated and maybe have some fruit/candy/gum/light snacks around. The combo is significantly stronger than either on it's own, so it's important to take care of your body before, during, and after your experience.

  4. Yes, I’ll be taking the LSD (150ug) first then the MDMA(125mg) 3.5ish hours later. I’ll have some fruit around, water, electrolytes. I also like to add a few other supplements to the ones you mentioned including Vitamin C and L-acetyl-carnite. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. I'm glad you are using other supplements as well. I do the same just wanted to keep it simple in my original comment.

  6. You are fine. Find a better method than smoking in a carcinogenic tube though. Paper from a random book works better.

  7. Notebook paper is better than other materials. Why not buy $2 smoking papers though? Available online and in person

  8. Just chiming in that you should use the 7 day ferment and roast them on a grill, get a little char, then remove, add olive oil, thyme/oregano, and put it on top of grilled garlic bread with goat cheese.

  9. A typical dose size (macrodose) might be more efficacious, but it would not hurt to try microdosing, and report back.

  10. I always recommend Psychedelic Psychotherapy to people interested in psychedelic healing. The only comparable book is maybe "The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide", but it is not as useful, or specific. Coleman's book gets straight to the point and he is extremely knowledgeable.

  11. Psychedelic Psychotherapy by R. Coleman is an incredibly useful book for self-therapy.

  12. Lol, if I had an invitation to Esalen I would certainly go!

  13. There's so much material out there. Look for a short talk called Alien Love. That might have what you're looking for.

  14. nice recap, you could also include the continued drying of the grasslands/desertification resulting in the vanishing of the mushroom and our fall into history

  15. We can't recommend where to buy here (against sub rules), but I can recommend visiting

  16. This is a great version of this art, I'd say it's a famous bike ride! Infamous implies negativity

  17. Yeah, I only said infamous because it was a challenging experience at the beginning for him, simply because he wasn't sure what was happening and it was intense.

  18. Didn’t find anything on Hofmann microdosing, anybody got references?

  19. There is a 1971 High Times interview where he discusses the potential of microdosing. Also referenced in his book, "LSD My problem child".

  20. This was three days before that experience, an excerpt from his book. Notice how it is April 16th, and not the 19th.

  21. “on April 16, when he felt himself becoming dizzy while working in his Sandoz lab with a couple of new chemical compounds. He suspected he had inhaled some solvent vapors”

  22. Sure, "dose" in the title may have been a misnomer, but it is still the first recorded use (even if accidental).

  23. He got them by the nuts haha. The same goes to "recreational" use. It has become stigmatized among the "spiritual, self-exploratory" circles. I disagree.

  24. I'm with you there, psychedelic use shouldn't be separated into categories of "spiritual" or "non spiritual". For some people, MDMA at a rave with friends can be way more healing than psychedelic therapy.

  25. If you leave tap water out for a day, the chlorine should evaporate.

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