Reloading random objects like in first person shooters

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  1. Please do haha. The first place a gun like this would belong that comes to mind is Borderlands

  2. Right? That's such a common question and all I can think is that they somehow grab a fistful of toilet paper and fucking gorilla fist their own asshole.

  3. Paralegal in a mid size firm - around $50 per hour, plus yearly performance bonus.

  4. Damn. I’m an LAA and didn’t realize paralegals were paid that much.

  5. Not entirely the norm but tons of years of experience and a firm that appreciates paralegals and what we do. I’ve found the pay scale really drop since firms starting doing “hybrids”. It’s a way to underpay paralegals for sure. I once got a recruiter email for a full time litigation paralegal position - $60k. What?! Bwah ha ha ha ha no

  6. Yeah it’s absurd, honestly. You’re still putting in the same amount of work… you just have less of a commute each week, which you don’t even get paid for or bill.

  7. Office: Small-ish meal (late breakfast/early lunch), and a big meal (late afternoon/early dinner).

  8. Please do post more meal preps. This looks fantastic and something I’d eat regularly.

  9. I can’t believe it took me so long to try lentils. I made a lentil curry last week and it’s divine.

  10. I had an astrology girlfriend in college who quit talking to me because she and a girlfriend buried a piece of paper with my name on it in the sand & then she couldn’t find it. That meant I wasn’t the one for her 🙄

  11. Jep, not stained and no holes sounds about right. When I was interviewing for jobs in tech/it, I was amazed at the outfits people wore. If interviewed by multiple people, one of them was inevitably sporting some sort of technical fabric shirt. Often one with logos/advertisments from some running event and usually on the mid 50ties guy with the beer gut :D

  12. Not sure if technical farbic is the right term. I meant the quick dry sports clothes polyester fabrics. Not technical as in circuits and LEDs on shirts

  13. The reason I even know how to cook is because of Chef John. I learned a lot of techniques from him and it helped me tremendously years ago when I was just starting.

  14. Same here. I started off by following his YouTube videos while cooking. He makes cooking such an enjoyable process.

  15. Awesome! I was born an hour outside the city and have lived near the downtown for the past 30 years. My entire family from still lives in NS within an hour of each other. Quite rare. May seem backwards to some, but I like to think we have old fashioned respect. We ain’t perfect, but we are alright!

  16. Any recommendations on what to do? I am literally waiting to board on a plane to Halifax in an hour! I have some stuff planned but have a little free time.

  17. If you're only going to be there briefly, just walk along Halifax waterfront (Halifax, not Dartmouth - very big difference). It's still warm enough that you could probably get a beer on the patio by the harbour, and there's plenty to just walk around and see. Citadel Hill is pretty neat if you're interested in history, and Halifax has TONS of amazing restaurants and bars downtown.

  18. I’d say it’s this subtle thing where if you’re out with the couple and you start having a laugh with him and talking shit and maybe make plans, you feel this icy chill come over the table. She goes all quiet, he feels it and starts acting all upright and sensible, and you know he’s going to be in for it when they get home. Then he’ll tell you in a few days that actually he can’t do the thing you planned

  19. Yikes. I’ve experienced a similar situation like this but with a former (female) coworker of mine, and it was jarring. Her husband had serious control issues.

  20. Normally a lurker, but I’ve been loving my outfits after a recent upgrade in my career. Trying to dress femme but practical for my job:

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