Smells like a rug pull 'bout to happen

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  1. Like the last year when the vote was def the moass? Lol.

  2. I felt sorry for the men packed into their gyms, trying to look like how Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger said they should.

  3. I ate two gel tabs, then an hour later a palm full of liquid acid. Probably the worst because it went on for the better part of 2 days or so

  4. How has he not been booted out of the Democratic Party yet?

  5. My grandparents gave me a New Kids on the Block cassette for Christmas when they knew damn well I was into Skid Row.

  6. Guys, it’s the FOMC meeting. Not everything is crime or a rugpull. Powell said things the market liked, he didn’t raise rates higher than the market expected, and therefore the market went green.

  7. No. Green - only PPT red - only crime. No other factors or causes /s

  8. Can someone explain why the government would allow the price to hit $100M/share?

  9. Maybe wait a little longer than 4 minutes after opening.

  10. Open Water, 80 minutes of watching idiots float in the ocean.

  11. The sooner these bags of shit die off, the better we will be.

  12. Lisa on Ice S6E8. This was peak animation and writing imo.

  13. The smell caused me to gag when I was young, now I eat it out of the jar with a spoon.

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