TIFU by showing my girlfriend my actual strength

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  1. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (ft. Clementine)

  2. Is this a good shoe to wear because of the no arch? versus a nike or adidas shoe?

  3. The cure is to stop idiots who live in conspiracy theory echo chambers from spreading misinformation about a safe vaccine that saves lives and could stop the virus in its tracks.

  4. Vaccine so effective only 43% in the hospital are fully vaxxed!

  5. oh boo hoo i'm sure they'll be missing your business ever so greatly

  6. I tie ya vision like programs, busy livin on triple digits, young old man

  7. Because in a subwoofer the beat come from Inside the box, and a box and a brief case I guess you could consider them the same. Both boxes lol but yeah

  8. also to add, it's hidden in the subwoofer... like cops won't find it, hence, he beat the case !

  9. CGI planes? Then how do you explain the thousands of people that were there and actually saw one of the planes hit? I do think it was an inside job, but there was definitely real planes

  10. Lol....actors, were you personally there to witness it?

  11. ik i’m very late but you were thinking about Mickey Mantle lmao

  12. lmaoo no i know mickey mantle, but i know mac would always reference sports players or movie stars

  13. Mac lost his virginity while Nacho Libre was playing in the back.

  14. Lolol love this one. In the girls basement too, he let her take the ropes as he had no idea what to do

  15. lmfaooo where’d y’all see this?

  16. A interview on youtube! I've watched damn near every mac interview, so i'm not sure what it's exactly called.

  17. FDA Asks Court for 55 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data. Why???

  18. que the downvotes on this one, all in the name of "sCiEnCe". You won't have the full information pizfer relied on to deem their vaccine safe for usage until 2076. You will all be dead by than regardless. That's right, the year 2076, somebody please argue how this is somehow not sketchy?

  19. who gives a fuck, it's up to you to decide what you want to listen to and believe in. Why silence another side? is it because they don't trust the CDC, WHO, and Fraudci? Follow the money trail with this big pharma bullshit, people aren't scared of covid anymore

  20. gosh i hate that the thought never even crossed my mind until now. if that post was actually written by a bot than i'm not sure who to even interact with on reddit anymore lol

  21. I don’t know if you are confused or if I am confused. lolz

  22. lmfao oh shit! i didn't see that you wrote that post. I was thinking that you were suggesting it was a bot

  23. if the vaccine works than why does it matter if vaccinated people are near you? genuine question

  24. Vaccines work by using herd-immunity. They are not a cure, they have never been a cure, and they will never be a cure. There are people for whom the vaccine does not cure them, because as I just said, a vaccine is not a cure.

  25. I was just wondering, because prior to 2015, CDC said vaccines are introduced to the body to prevent the disease, but now you and are saying that since the beginning of time they have not been cures. That doesn't sound too promising, I'll stick with my immune system! Have a good day

  26. wait, so does this happen to people once they stop smoking? or can it happen also while currently using?

  27. make sure to pay extra to have your song be next up, or else it'll just keep getting skipped over lol

  28. yeah, it's fucking scary. i went hiking with a few friends a couple of months back in rough terrain and there was part of an incline that i just could not get my feet and hands into well enough to climb up so i could get onto the next level of trail. one of my male mates just lifted me up like a small pigeon and placed me there and it's like... nah, man. you could absolutely crush me, do you realize that? because i fucking do.

  29. Its like a man getting in the ring with a chimpanzee, thats how i compare my strength as a woman to the strength of a man. Yeah im sure its not the greatest comparison, but the chimpanzee will always win. Men have more muscle mass and more testosterone. Its scary and feels unfair when you realize this. Imagine 50% of the people in your age group being able to beat you to literal death if they wanted to simply cause of their gender, shit sucks lol

  30. Agoraroad? i typed this exact name in and nothing mentioning agoraroad popped up.. do i do

  31. Sorry to offend you. I will sleep now. Thank you.

  32. idk what's real anymore lol both of y'all could be bots for all i know

  33. Spirituality cannot save you during a medical emergency, it can’t protect you from contracting a virus or disease, it cannot protect you from developing cancer.

  34. i still dont get it...someone help. What do you mean by some slippage? what does that have to do with 2021 new years items?

  35. extremely sad. Not sure how this baby had died, but it's still sad to wonder what he/ she could have accomplished in 67 years. Almost feels kind of inhumane and morbid to display a dead body this way and not give it a proper burial.

  36. I was born in 99’ so i have a lot of self-educating to do 😂

  37. Al Green is the fuckin man. Born in '96, age got nothing to do with it. That good music will find its way to you one way or another. Lets Stay Together is a banger

  38. Damn bro good to see you young guys/girls listening to Mac. As you get older the music will make more and more sense to you as you go through life. Mac has music for almost every moment. Remember too that Mac wasn’t glorifying drug use in his music. He was using it to self medicate his mental health issues.Drugs aren’t cool trust me. Learn from his mistakes and just enjoy his music. Edit: Sorry for sounding like a preachy old head but I’m just trying to look out for you man.

  39. agreed with this... after listening to BDE and then macadelic, it led me on a 8 year journey of drug abuse. What you listen to can heavily influence you if you let it. But i'm sober now, and macs music has deff been with me through other parts of my life. Just wait til you have your first love, The Divine Feminine will be the only album you'll play for months on end.

  40. I think if you’re a day 1 Mac fan it’s probably up there Bc of nostalgia, but For most the fan base it doesn’t hold as special of a place.

  41. agreed... especially if you was in highschool when this dropped

  42. just change up your lighting focus so that you can show or hide the kitchen, living area or bed area as needed

  43. I reccomend getting the phillips hue lights!

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