1. The DMR is absolutely slept on. It’s so fucking good.

  2. Using the smg was my way to top ten. Now I'm nothing. Now I'm no one.

  3. Are shockwaves in arena? I haven’t played the new season yet

  4. Competitive update page doesn’t open when I tap the link.

  5. On the topic of rules , does anyone know if it’s a heb rule that you cannot take your 15 min break the last hour of your shift if you haven’t had it yet? Wasn’t sure if it was can actual rule or if our department hates us

  6. I took a break at 7 when my shift ended at 8 because I never got a break in that shift (4-8).

  7. Anyone know if you can use the 100 dollar gift card on other gift cards?

  8. you can’t pay for gift cards with a gift card or credit- only debit, cash and check.

  9. It's a gold drum (close range gun) vs a gold ranger shotgun (mid range gun). Plus you didn't really get a jump on em.

  10. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself to get the point across. I don’t care I had a shitty weapon, or bad positioning, the problem is the speed at which this gun killed me despite having the HP advantage to begin with.

  11. Don't know what to tell you dude. Play better instead of blaming the weapon balancing.

  12. Dude, I’m someone who plays comp and vod reviews scrim games whenever I can. I’ve made champs every season. You are not someone to say I am willfully ignorant when I spend my time looking over my past games. I know the flaws I made and I know how to prevent this from happening again. The only reason I’m choosing to ignore this is because it’s a pub game with no building, not a cash cup game with money on the line. But that’s not the point.

  13. Well if you listen closely you can hear the sound of a siege cannon. Someone shot it or shot himself and the impact knocked you back. I'm guessing it was behind the satellite somewhere (where the scanner is). Watch the replay and you'll see it.

  14. Interesting. I did hear it at the time, I just didn’t think that was the reason because the siege cannon wasn’t even aiming at me.

  15. Nah. He wasn’t even looking in my direction when I shot him.

  16. well i can say it’s been an interesting basically 48 hours with this kind of power, i don’t have mirror maxed but i’ve been using it in some challenges and yep level 13 cards vs level 11 cards it’s uh interesting for sure

  17. Are these in competitive?

  18. You're right. But while we have freaking tanks rolling around in arena, it might not be the worst thing to have a hard counter for them?

  19. I imagine they’re gonna remove tanks before FNCS.

  20. If you do something the mangers like, such as showing up on your day off or staying a bit later, they will remove 1 point from your overall steps.

  21. Interesting, I don’t have that on mine. Maybe it depends on the store?

  22. Probably does. It’s in the beta phase, so I’m assuming that’s the case.

  23. Basically they have a bunch of you applying for the position placed into a room to interview ALL of you at the same time.

  24. Tac felt more consistent tho. And it reloaded faster

  25. ok thank you very much, and should I do some configuration or download some software to reduce the input lag or is it not necessary? sorry for so many questions but I'm new to the pc world

  26. I mean you can, it’s just you have to find the right programs to do so. When I switched, all I did was download DS4Windows.

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