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  1. He made his dog spend most of his life staring at Lorne's flaccid cock for endless hours.

  2. It might be that you're missing the compliments and admiration in your marriage as you seem to enjoy it from a random stranger. Idk how confessing you almost messed up will do anything good but rather be a detriment to your marriage. Go to a therapist and talk about it. If you just come out and tell your husband he may start having trust issues and your marriage might implode.

  3. Lol, "trust issue" would be appropriate and well-warranted under these circumstances.

  4. It just feels wrong to hold it from him. But I also dont want him to get stressed about us.

  5. You definitely need to tell him...he needs to know what kind of marriage he is in and how "available" his wife makes herself when he's not around.

  6. The age restrictions are probably off-putting to him, given his predilections.

  7. Blu3boy told the story in detail on Andrew Birketts livestream. He has pictures of them, he says they look like methheads lol

  8. Do you happen to know the date of the livestream, or the title? I used to really like Andrew Birkett, but haven't kept up with his content lately.

  9. Went to dinner with my mother, and she was our server. My cousin's girlfriend worked at the same place, and some time later, she invited my wife over to my place to hang out, then bailed, leaving the two of us alone. We've been together since, and just marked thirteen years together.

  10. I'm not sure how this schlubby fuck managed to convinceanybody that he wasn't...

  11. Idk, I'd definitely be on board with a TCaP museum. Chris said on an episode of YMH that the bar stool that Kennelly sat his naked ass on is still around. That, Lorne's cap, the finger indexer, Dustin's razor. Oh, I bet Malik would trade the SpongeBob jacket for a cab fare... I'd pay to go to a TCaP museum.

  12. He looks like ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five pound sack.

  13. Is it just me, or does it seem like the culture of the online community is influencing the content more? When I saw posts about Golf Cart Matt and Glory Hole Jeff (or whatever his first name was), I thought those were tags the community applied to them, but I watched and saw Chris called them that in the segment. It's kinda like if Chris had called Velez Fat Jose in the voice over, lol.

  14. I don't mind it. I think it's kinda cool that they're leaning into the community. They know we're all here for the memes, lol.

  15. When I heard him talk about this, I knew what he was doing. When I was younger, I heard some (really bad) advice. Basically, it said that if you're with your wife or girlfriend and you see an attractive woman that you want to check out, but don't want to get in trouble, you should point her out to your spouse and say something negative about her. Like, "OMG, look at her. Can you believe she wore those shoes with that jacket?" Or "who wears that much makeup???" Then you two can talk shit together and you can look as much as you like (seriously, this is bad advice and a scummy thing to do).

  16. How do you remember every single detail from so many years ago? Hell I’m 35 and have moved a lot and couldn’t even tell you the years I lived at some places lol

  17. Yep, I couldn't provide the names, ages, or specifics of sexual encounters and partners I've had, and I'm considerably younger than Lorne (and also don't have a drinking problem). My bet is that this was a creative writing exercise for Lorne...I mean, it kinda matches what I've seen from his book, lol

  18. Call him Chicken tendahs and throw pocket sand in his eye. That'll show him.

  19. I agree with Lubrano from TCaP. I know his chatlog was pretty tame, but I've heard peysay his phone call with the decoy was worse, though I haven't heard it myself. From HvP, probably Tiriolo. His chat wasn't sexual, and he ended up bailing at the meeting. He seemed more sad and pathetic than dangerous, which pretty well sets him apart from the rest of the reprobates from Fairfield, especially Papi and Buchanan. Those fuckers were dangerous.

  20. Tiriolo? He's the one with the YouTube video talking about how being bald was ruining his life. Dinner, bowling, club, casino, lol.

  21. Probably one of the gay ones, as my best bet against being raped. Like by Lorne.

  22. I think this poll may give us a reasonably accurate look at the gender breakdown of the sub, as I can't imagine any woman would vote for Lorne or JP.

  23. I was thinking this too, but I could never fall asleep in the same cell as Kennelly. I feel like he’d do something to me in my sleep. Lorne would just cry all the time Lmao

  24. He crawls in your bed at 3am and whispers "...I came to get something to eat...".

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