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  1. Was not excited for BP-WF… until I saw Namor.. I honestly hope they do him Justice and make him the badass that he should be in thr MCU

  2. This is so fucking good. Honestly the perfect depiction of three dudes having a good o’ll time

  3. Um it’s a mannequin and it has the ability to steal cute free clothes for me once the store closes and I’d get away with it because no one would suspect the mannequin.

  4. These look like they should be sails on some steampunk airship. Dope as hell

  5. Man. That Amos pull was so left field, you don’t need anyone else.

  6. Tried to read the King's name out but it took 3 full episodes and now my wife and house are gone.

  7. You may need try again in another 5 or 6 episodes as normally the first one doesn’t do it

  8. I don't understand the hate either. It wasn't perfect but was reasonably good.

  9. If you do away with the unnecessary love triangle, it’s actually dope. Does not deserve the hate it got for sure

  10. The love triangle was kinda pointless, but honestly, I liked that Dane Whitman didn't act super emotional about the whole business and was fairly chill about everything

  11. He’s probably going to have the best Arc in phase 5/6. If he continues on and meets up with Blade, possibly Shang-Chi and so on.

  12. This picture asks so many more questions than it answers

  13. Saw this on Reddit ages ago. Imagine the quality of the show.. this would be amazing

  14. I think I've come to a point where no matter how unpopular what I comment is, my karma balance will not go negative.

  15. Only Fragments my man.. Kabam wouldn’t be that generous to players keen on progression

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