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  1. Download nicehash quick miner and you're good to go

  2. I thought that pays you for hash power and it does not mine bit coin. I have Nice hash.

  3. It doesn't mine bitcoin but pays you in bitcoin

  4. Sooooo where's the pic of the red interior? Lol

  5. So no joke my phone died as I took the pics of the interior so all ive got are

  6. I looovvvveee those rims. S63 is one of my favorite cars

  7. Accounts are usually settled t+2 regardless of which financial institution you use for investments. So if you sell stocks on Monday it'll take 2 days for the money to settle in your account and then you can withdraw.

  8. Meme stock billionaires come together and make sure every single person on the planet has food to eat on a daily basis

  9. What function do they provide? Or are they just aesthetic?

  10. Come from motorsports. Lighter than a factory hood latch set-up, quicker to access the engine at the track, and prevents the hood from flying up at high speeds.

  11. If you still need someone to do it, I don't mind.

  12. If it ends up 30+ this week I will make 26k on 500 investment

  13. I bought a ton of 35 call options lol. Fingers crossed.

  14. Sell them tomorrow and at least make some profit..

  15. Yeah I'm gonna sell half and let the rest go till friday

  16. Omg I haven't laughed this much in a while. Take an award

  17. I may be wrong, I don’t follow the name. It was one profitable quarter though right? If so, I just want to point out that total penny stocks also turn a single profitable quarter occasionally. Again I may be wrong, but I am sure of this, if it is the case - one profitable quarter doesn’t mean much. Either way, congrats to holders.

  18. I mean, you can't just look at it that way. They have 0 debt, 600 mil in inventory, and over a billion cash on hand. On top of that, a loyal customer base that continues to buy in store. Future is very bullish

  19. LFG!!!! I'll be exercising my $18 calls for sure!

  20. Why do Americans like wagons so much? Personally, I'm not a fan.

  21. I mean what are you transporting? Regular groceries and luggage fits in a sedan. How much extra trunk space do you need?

  22. I've done this the past 2 times. The first time I made quite a bit since there was a wild swing the second there wasn't much movement so I pretty much lost everything. I treat it as a gamble and buy options with money I'm willing to lose.

  23. Bruh... Hyundai's new Genesis GV70 looks 🔥. This looks like 💩. BMW design team needs to be fired. What's with this disgusting lineup? Still can't get past the new bucktooth front grilles.

  24. Congrats! Personally, I'm not a fan of the look but to each their own. Enjoy!

  25. Nice, but 3.2 milli in Nova Scotia? Not worth it

  26. Was a MakeAWish kid myself at that age funnily enough

  27. A) Yes, ALL B) Don't remember that part C) Don't remember any special food

  28. We likely have an owner now sorry to say. If that changes I'll pm you right away.

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