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  1. When get done Will be mass produced? So i can maybe buy this masterpiece?

  2. Ha I wish it would be mass produced. Maybe is big Nintendo is listening we can get lucky.

  3. You can recreate this glitch with your teammate. Just enter the same time they exit a vehicle or vice versa.

  4. That cart looks sick!! Does it have an actual game on it?

  5. Thank you, but no it's like 6inches tall just for display

  6. My first trip as an FCC was doing an AE mission to various spots along the East coast. Day 2 of flying we had a stop at Norfolk and had some engine trouble. Got her fixed up and had TACCs (air operations for AMC missions) approval to to engine running offloads to circumvent further problems. After the mission ended at Andrews, the lead flight doc, Lt. Col came up to me asking if I was the FCC. She thanked us for all the help and gave us an FBI Special Agent coin. I guess in her non reservist time she was an FBI agent. Coolest coin ever.

  7. Thats a fucking cool coin to get

  8. A 1971 Silver Dollar. My dad coined me as we hugged goodbye, Apr 81. Heading to AF basic training. His dad (my grandpa) coined him as he left for Vietnam Jun 71. It was fresh from the bank.

  9. Nice print! I’d slightly increase your top layer height and/or increase your infill %. You can see the pattern coming through slightly so a thicker top layer will mask that and/or a denser infill will reduce sagging. Very nice print for your second but also a top printer to go for!

  10. Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a shot :)

  11. Maybe I should print a bigger gameboy

  12. incredible! I love the way you drew pikachu its adorable ❤❤

  13. Thanks Google helped with finding the reference material!

  14. Thats an hell of an Russian invasion

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