Ukraine's Chief of Intelligence: Putin has cancer

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Isa pang satire page: Cebu Dairy News. Maraming BBM supporter ang naniniwala doon kahit na sinabi na satire page ito.

  2. I've seen this posted before in another sub but damn the comeuppance is so satisfying.

  3. His claims have some validity. Putin's pale pudgy appearance does not suggest that he's in the pink of health.

  4. Here's a similar situation. An alleged law firm sent me a letter about a debt that I paid in full back in 2014. They threatened that if I don't pay the debt asap they will be report me to the credit bureaus.

  5. Akala mo ang lamang ni Marcos lumalaki but the ratio stayed the same. Welcome to Dagdag Bawas 2022 edition.


  7. I had a GF who was a born-again Christian. She wanted to indoctrinate me to her church. Bad luck for her, I was (and still am) an atheist.

  8. Binay caught up against Roxas esp. in the last week of the campaign back in 2010. Again this proves that the last one to weeks are crucial.

  9. Maraming salamat dito, nakaka boost ng morale. I really need this now. Pero hindi parin magiging complacent.

  10. Agreed. Yesterday is a case in point. Even while there was that big rally in Cavite, there were parallel rallies in QC and Sorsogon, which were well-attended. The other camp would try to do the same in their Miting De Avance this Saturday at the same time as the MDA for VP Leni and Sen Kiko at Ayala Ave. (which is a sure thing as the necessary permit has been secured from Brgy. Bel Air). It remains to be seen if the BBM-SWOH rallies will be just as successful, considering that their rallies in Cabanatuan, Pampanga and Bacolod were relatively poorly attended.

  11. Wasn't she involved in the violence that happened sa Ilocos Norte dati?

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