1. just a heads up the hacker gets on emerald every night at 11pm eastern and hacks for hours. I expect to see him get on and ruin the fun for us an 8th day in a row tonight. Please dev team, moderate the hackers in this game. New players are getting frustrated and old players and leaving.

  2. I think you might have to re make you outfit, like kick everyone and start over.

  3. I think it has beautiful graphics. The new graphics updates with the shiny reflections are amazing the new colors added to the continents are also amazing.

  4. Once they fix the color grading issues it really does look much better. The new tracers/explosions are the biggest improvement imo

  5. explosions Im not a fan of though, I prefer the old look of them.

  6. Containment sites are far from the worst problem Im starting to like them it only took 2 years to learn the layout.

  7. I think the "Die you whore" killed the game the violence, the speech its all frowned upon in todays society. They want everything to be softer now.

  8. They ought to just not do the construction update. Side note.

  9. That tire has lost its fresh rubber sticky GRIP its dry and faulty now

  10. I totally 100% agree. They should switch the maps after alerts and rotate them to the old continents. Bring back all the old bases. Ctf should also be switched on/off when maps rotate. During one alert for the continent there could be those ctf bases and when the map opens again next time it should have capture points brought back.

  11. but with no hot food bag inside that crate you are unprofessional

  12. What brand is it? Why not take a pic with the driveside showing

  13. I use an electric computer air duster and just blow my laptop through every vent and my keyboard without taking it apart. works wonders I see the dust shoot out. been doing it for years causes no problems spinning the fans.

  14. What if you are on the side of propaganda and they are quite fine?

  15. Hate to break it to you but no one knows until the devs release it, even if its garbage they are unlikely to change it, it wont be well thought out and it will be cobbled together such that it makes the game even more unplayable.

  16. Yep, I was going to become a member but not if they do the construction changes! I love construction how it is.

  17. Almost every time I go online it says "Uber bicycle: Confirm?" it keeps asking me even though I ride a bike only and have nothing with a motor. Are you telling me you never seen that popup before for years?

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