Emergency meeting in the ECB, rate hikes raining down, unstoppable inflation, official Bear market and no good news AT ALL... The Market:

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  1. You can also try to do your interview at the airport before departure if they have space available, which in my experience they usually do.

  2. I can't make recommendations, but avoid anything that has its own remote control.

  3. I bought an ac motor fan with a remote from home Depot and cut the remote off. Works great. There's a video online on how to do this.

  4. Of course it is fun to work retail making 6 figures, everybody would be fine working retail for 6 figures.

  5. There are a few retail companies (mostly luxury high end) that pay sales associates over $100k due to commissions + salary. I don't see why GameStop cannot implement a similar model.

  6. Some of the "in the know" folks probably predicting 50 basis today which would calm/rally (for a short time) the drops from CPI last week. 75 basis would further shock the market a little lower, but that's priced in as of Monday.

  7. If they are AC fans (Lutron switches don't support DC fans) you can remove the IR receiver and hardwire the fan to the Lutron fan switch. Do not use the light dinner switch on a fan. The fan switch has a fan symbol on it and needs a neutral.

  8. Arrived in 1985. Rainbow Blvd, the Lake Meads, (Blvd. and Drive) and Boulder Highway were the population limits. About 400, 000 residents in Clark County. I-515 was just being built, and ran from north of Henderson to about Desert Inn Road. Eastern was a two-lane, poorly lit road running south, with a couple telephone poles in the middle of the road that you had to navigate around; and the 7-11 at Warm Springs and Eastern was a lonely outpost. Lake Mead Drive from I-15 to Henderson was two-lane and unlit most of the way.

  9. The strip had gas stations and no landscaping.

  10. Man. I remember being stoked to meet Julio the Gardner at wet n wild during hot august nights or whatever that shit was called.

  11. Life guards going down der stuka head first

  12. He's worth 25 billion dollars. This is the equivalent of giving 200 bucks if you have 1 million dollars.

  13. How thoughtful they are? Multi billion dollar company and you only donate $5 million? Sounds like a donation for ants.

  14. I don't think they are gonna owe any taxes for a long long time

  15. Doug DeMuro left Jalopnik in August 2016 after they were acquired by private investment in June 2016...

  16. They are trying to survive just one more day

  17. The house is losing so they writing and implement new rules?

  18. The gaming commission checks the math before games are put on the floor, the SEC/DTCC DOES NOT.

  19. Except this rule benefits them if it works out as intended. It's a safety net for institutions defaulting in a cascading maner by allowing the DTCC to front the cash and then liquidate assets over time. This assumes the reported GME short interest is accurate and people will papper hand. Not sure what price point per share would be a breaking point but at this point my sell price is full reformation of the market. The technologies losts due to this ponzi scheme is unforgettable and we might as well call this era "The Return of The Dark Ages" and it needs to end.

  20. No cell, no sell (once we hit a phone number.)

  21. Looks both ways... I don't see any grumpy (out of the know) people... we were handed the deal of human civilization on a silver platter... NOT A RECESSION FOR US!!!

  22. There's an ordinance up for vote this month to reclassify the bridges over the strip as crosswalks due to recent crime including a murder.

  23. On ramps not supported in NY and I got error messages when trying to fund from my loopring wallet. We are still in beta

  24. Unfortunately there's anti fraud and money laundering laws they have to work through.

  25. The algo must invest in whole dollar meme stocks.

  26. You'll make estimated tax payments to the IRS and any applicable state/local jurisdiction. IRS link:

  27. You can submit multiple shares for the price of 2XX,XXX but the entire order can not be more than $9,999,999

  28. It never was a meme stock... What is a meme stock?

  29. This chart is an estimate based on stock prices that were/are clearly manipulated though options, swaps, etc.

  30. Most modern fans don’t like Lutron’s fan controls. I forget the details of which fans might actually work. I gave up on ever using a Lutron smart fan control again after wasting hours and hundreds of $ trying.

  31. Hampton Bay fans with AC motors seem to work fine. I have 3 installed.

  32. They need money, so they’re looking to gain a billion by selling off assets, possibly even parts of their business.

  33. CS is also allegedly linked to providing "loans" (naked shorting?) to Russian oligarchs...

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