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  1. This is awesome! I loved this scene as well, hit really hard when he said "You look at me and you don't see me"

  2. “Just… see me.” Really made the case for Capaldi as the Doctor. Brilliant writing.

  3. Best scene in all of Who imo. “Clara, I’m not your boyfriend”. “Never though that”. “Didn’t say it was your fault”. Then he calls as 11, “Better get that, it might be your boyfriend”. So many layers of writing in that episode, it really is special.

  4. Your mom looks like how my ex girlfriend will look in 20 years. Weird.

  5. My fav is the tip jar at the drive thru donut spot. I asked for donuts, you ga e them to me, what’s the tip for? You did t go above and beyond (hate that term), you just kind of held the box out and I grabbed it. Tips are dumb.

  6. Just add him in to season 2 as Sun-Man.

  7. That’s the bear that sat behind Desus and Mero in their showtime show.

  8. I have GI JOE #2, reprint, and I always liked

  9. Do you fry them with your light saber? (Not a euphemism)

  10. No, a grill works best. One time I force floated a chicken breast over the lava on Mustafar, and that was good. But a lot of mental work for such a small piece of chicken. And shark is kinda flaky like fish, so it would be tougher to force it like that without it falling apart.

  11. I’m not a foody, but I guess swordfish has a similar texture. Denser than salmon or tilapia, not as flaky. I havent had either in a while though, I’d say 10 years or so.

  12. Happens every day in my house. Kid asks for Coke, I say there’s not enough for me and you, and I drink the last bit in front of them and they cry. Typical.

  13. I usually watch 3, like a lot. Then RotJ. Last Jedi… Rise, Solo, those are my go to’s.

  14. I’ll jump in with the High Republic stuff. The main line, not so much Adventures.

  15. I have a shirt of Ronin from the Visions show and book, and a guy in a store noticed it and we talked about it for a bit. Good stuff. I washed it a few dozen times and now you can’t even see what’s on it, but I do, and I wear it anyway. I can’t wear it outside, my wife says “it’s sloppy”. She’s right.

  16. I also have a Millennium Falcon shirt that kinda looks like those wolf howling at the moon shirts, and a lady at CVS told me she liked my shirt. As a married man, I took that as a total complement about myself the whole day. Still do.

  17. 3 are out, the rest are just coming soon. Nothing geek about it except the unnamed, unannounced Stan Lee doc.

  18. Imagine talking shit about a country that was crucial in yours gaining its’ independence.

  19. We needed weapons and money and half a chance, uh, who provided those funds? France.

  20. They would use them to grill food for schools? Should look at some historic maps of what was here before the houses were built (1939)

  21. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read on Reddit. Just so innocent.

  22. Babylon was entertaining as fuck. Could have done without everything after the Tobey Maguire sequence.

  23. Best I can do is a 75” tv and a solid sound bar. Will that suffice? Been going back and forth with watching this one, it seems long and I really don’t know what it’s about at all.

  24. It is great that you dont know. If you gotta watch it at home at least turn the lights off, black out the windows, sit close and crank the volume.

  25. Yessir. I will do so. What movie would you say it’s like? Lebowski? Gatsby? Tarantino style thing? Like, what is it?

  26. Idk how to post pictures, but I have every HR phase 1 book (adult, teen, and young books, no little goldens) in my entertainment center under my tv, behind my LEGO Vader helmet and meditation chamber, and my three phase 2 books are on my bedside table waiting to be read. My other SW books share some space with those, and the LEGO Adidas underneath that shelf. Not that fancy, but I like it.

  27. Refrigerant line more likely for central AC unit which was also likely replaced with a new lineset. Doubtful its natgas

  28. My first thought. Customers always act like we did something when we replace an AC and find a fuck up like this. Sorry, gotta buy a new line set.

  29. Good call. Yeah, there isn't nearly as much depth of flavor as I'd expected from a bourbon barrel aged ale. Just fairly malty with a faint bourbon/oak flavor at the back end.

  30. Ok but where do I get it? I want to try it. Is it regional? Seasonal?

  31. $47m to just skate by being alright…

  32. Aren’t his stats pretty good versus the rest of the team?

  33. You can see how I couldn’t recall that. But thank you, yes, her.

  34. Funny, I find myself more likely to forget basic everyday names. Was it John? Jim? Jason? I’ll never be sure.

  35. We named our three boys all C names and I can never remember who I’m yelling at, so I get that.

  36. That’s a real Gear of War.

  37. ...but what about that pumpkin cookie dough?

  38. My first thought! I gotta go see if it’s still in season.

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