1. I feel like the first half was more interesting than the second half. She becomes a submissive uninteresting character with a troubled past. Really wish Lucy was better written, wonderful show though

  2. I think that’s because she found David. Before she was careless, and would take risks. Then she fell in love with him, and tried to protect him all the time. I think that’s why her personality suddenly changed. Her whole existence became doing everything to be next to David. Anyway that’s what I gather from it.

  3. Don’t remind me…. crying in the corner

  4. I’ve learned to space it out during the day. Takes the edge off, so you can somewhat function.

  5. does shikan have an official in-game model or is it just a hand?

  6. I don’t mean disrespect bro, but you’re goldfish at best. Please forgive me if I offended you. Apologies!

  7. If it means spending more time with alpha. It’s a resounding ‘yes’.

  8. I don’t regret SSS Selena. For the first time Ik what hypnotism is. Monkey sees, monkey SSS her immediately 🙉

  9. No man in the history of the universe regrets SSS Selena. Me included!

  10. You are correct kind sir. The world was cruel to both of them, and they didn’t deserve it. So we must protecc.

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