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Dropped my ravioli taking it out the microwave at work :(

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  1. No Richard stink for the first episode of fall?

  2. This might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  3. Dude really wanted to shoot someone that day. Good thing he took it out on his own car.

  4. Almost like he wasn’t considering the consequences of his actions.

  5. Well, I guess this just isn’t for me anymore.

  6. Honestly if you didn’t like this episode, then maybe it’s not. This one was definitely among their best in recent weeks. If you don’t like it, then I guess it’s not for you, as you said.

  7. Yup, exactly. I’ve been falling off since the death of Yahoo I’d guess. I still enjoy some bits but not as much as I used to. Lots of folks really enjoyed it so that’s great! I hope the boys keep up their good work.

  8. Rolled my eyes so hard in the first half almost didn’t see the /s!

  9. In Central Kentucky. I can count on seeing someone open-carry at Lowe’s

  10. In LA maybe. In my area rheyre damned good.

  11. She clearly called for Marshall law that’s totally different

  12. Maybe these trucking companies shouldn’t be pushing drivers to put money over lives

  13. I just listened to this yesterday, I'm a bit behind but I thought it was amazing.

  14. That’s totally valid. Not everyone finds the same things funny. I can accept that I may not like MBMBaM going forward. Begrudgingly, maybe :)

  15. Well, certainly this one isn’t real, right?

  16. Or maybe politicians should listen to people who know their shit

  17. I fast forward through Richard Stink. Don’t really care for the Wikihow bits. This thread got me questioning why I still listen to new eps. I guess it just comes down to FOMO for me.

  18. This is the absolute ultimate "they make it look easy". I went to one of these places and got all these ideas of stuff I wanted to try. When I got in there I couldn't even control my arms. My limbs were flapping around like a wacky inflatable flailing arm tube man. I spent 10 minutes spinning and honking into the walls. These people have practiced SO much.

  19. Oddly, my favorite fish tacos in town come from Banners. Was above par for sports bar food

  20. All of the food at Banner’s slaps. Mainline toasted ravioli.

  21. I had the same teacher for a few of my math classes in high school and he had a banner with the digits of pi that ran the perimeter of the top of the room’s walls. I used to pass time by seeing how many digits I could memorize. I don’t remember what my peak number was, but it’s been more than two decades since I’ve stared at that banner, and I could still manage about 11. I only need to calculate the circumference of my dick so I’ve still got it.

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