1. an insult is only an insult if it isn't true.

  2. I could call you a liar, it would be an insult if it weren't true. I'm not against you, just saying that even if you're right in what you said, nothing will change the community and riot.

  3. Why this man getting downvoted to oblivion

  4. just don't enter the ranked if you're not going to do it right

  5. It would be nice if the community did something about it, but they prefer to post bland memes on reddit.

  6. Same here, playing in south america

  7. You can most certainly bully a Yorick he has the worst Toplane WR rn diamond+ at 46%. Go watch some higher level games and see what they do because by this response it seems you have already made your mind up

  8. instead of explaining what to do you said the statuses as if they told the truth about something

  9. I’m just showing the difference in skill, poor guy probably a hard stuck emerald

  10. you used your character, what's the point of the video?

  11. and what does that have to do with the fact that the deck doesn't need a brain?

  12. don't you have anything better to do? you posted a normal thing and it's saying it's amazing, just play the game and shut up.

  13. your post opened my mind and made me banish her forever, thank you.

  14. don't use reddit, your situation will only get worse

  15. I will never understand people who complain about “grinding” these events. Literally just play the fucking game and you’ll passively earn the rewards. Stop worrying about getting every single item like a spastic child. You don’t NEED every single item from every single reward track.

  16. it amazes me that no one cursed you for speaking the truth

  17. I would say all of them but teemo.

  18. I'm genuinely impressed that someone commented on the truth rather than toxic positivity

  19. Toxic positivity, seems like a paradox

  20. it's not a paradox, it's really a problem.

  21. first time editing a video be like

  22. this community won't help you, get some friends and give up soloq, it's not worth it. Toxic positivity won't get you anywhere, I recommend not listening to anything they say either.

  23. better than the company itself.

  24. lavaloon is pretty easy to beat, even if you're worse than him.

  25. but he has fire proc in adaptation

  26. Because he is walking in 1 million arson eximus AoEs but he is not heat proced so he doesn't have any armour reduction from it.

  27. you're right, it didn't really suffer a fire proc. maybe the eximus only does true damage.

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