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  1. Now we green on the daily, 5 day, 1 month, three month, YTD and the 1 year charts 💜💜💜

  2. Good morning! I love that spring has sprung and the colors are popping; eye candy! Beautiful day! I’m grateful! I wish you all one fine day💎🙌🏻🦍🌺

  3. can't wait! Just starting to green up here! 🌿🌷🌻🌿🌹🪻🌳

  4. As someone who experienced the beginnings of the mass rollout of the internet as a young teen, it has been a wild ride. I was being preyed upon and catfished from the first time I logged into the AOL chatrooms, and from that experience I learned a lot about human nature in the "anonymity" of the internet.

  5. So anyone want to tell me what I did to get banned from the Jungle Lounge or is this just the way we do it here now?

  6. T-20 minutes 420 seconds until PH. Let's get this GME ship on the launch pad!

  7. Rather than recognizing/putting on a pedestal any one person, I prefer to appreciate all the investors and remember we all have power as individuals.

  8. It looks like the GameStop Investor Relations Email Club in here, and I like it.

  9. Shills come out the woodwork with the same "I'm so mad at GameStop/RC" every time. It's almost as boring as Ken Griffin's shorting algo

  10. Yeah, the SHF/corporate media playbook is really obvious at this point.

  11. Ooooof Kenny had to bang the close to avoid $24. What a week. Wonder if he's still thanking us for the "greatest pipeline ever"? 😆🙃🔥

  12. "The best time to be alive in human history is now!"

  13. 40k sell wall at $24. Is it real or just a bluff? Stay tuned

  14. +40% this week, positive earnings and good vibes.

  15. Waiting for the 10Q/K filing to drop here with the info:

  16. Damn, that ticker is spinning nice and fast tonight

  17. You can go to GameStop's investor relations page and sign up to have all news releases, reports and filings emailed to you as soon as they are released.

  18. After all the weekend developments, I wasn’t expecting so much green today. But maybe deep down I knew it would happen anyway. 🟣💎👐♾️🏊‍♀️🚀

  19. I found a mix CD I made 20+ years ago and gave it a listen. This track from Ween is my vibe for the craziness of the past week.

  20. Guess the US government is doubling down on bailouts/"systemic risk exceptions” after all. Could we expect anything different?

  21. My take is that this is also a tactic that plays into Ken Griftens master plan in a way of campaigning to get the US Treasury Secretary spot by sending out apocalyptic headlines in the FT and other media, to push the narrative that its time to switch horses politically. He is trying to he the public to believe that he and his chosen candidate will save the US financial industries and markets when, in contrast, that would lead to a real catastrophe.

  22. I totally agree that political goals are part of it, Gents. He's become very vocal about that subject.

  23. I see these anti bailout statements as Kenny's way of pandering for future political aspirations. He has been saying he would consider becoming Treasury Secretary under a future president. Nothing makes criming easier than power...

  24. Merely a few sleeps away, next Tuesday, 3/21.

  25. No Fed bailout? 🔥🔥🔥 I'll be popping a special batch of popcorn for watching the market next week.

  26. Last year earnings was on Thurs March 17, and they announced the date for earnings on March 7. So I would expect a press release announcing the date real soon.

  27. It really ties the room together! 👌

  28. That one never gets old. 🍼🍼👌🤣

  29. An everlasting Rune of Glory for you, Manny!

  30. Happy Tuesday M🌗rning Everyone🌴💜🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

  31. Sorry I'm AWOL, on a beach somewhere enjoying a Mojito. Be back online Saturday.

  32. Jealous. It's negative 10 fahrenheit here.

  33. literally pondering whether or not to produce a cover of that "here comes the rain again" song and turn it into "here come the shorts again"

  34. Fuck me for saying that one out loud, lemme find the multitrack that i know is out there, give me some time, but game on!

  35. Always a little satisfying to see a big 🥒 on a Tuesday open.

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