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  1. America changed. Superman represents an America that no longer exists. He represents the 20th century America. He embodied not only the American dream and American values but also embodied the United States status as a superpower. He basically represents the strength and the might of the United States. Now DC have Been moving away from that Americanness in superman which is both smart and stupid. It’s stupid because it’s kinda screwing over the American audience that built him. It’s smart because it allows dc to pander to foreign markets and thus increase its profit.

  2. It's just as sensible to argue that the Justice League, which is not thematically American (beyond the entitlement and vague imperialism) has been red/white/blue-washed at different times to pander to American audiences.

  3. Someone in nickelodeon likes astrology, and someone else isnt objecting to it.

  4. Astrology isn't Chinese, it was independently developed by many ancient cultures.

  5. Euclidean geometry == Coca-Cola Classic

  6. Rowling is a good example of why conspiracy isn't necessary -- her bigotry was apparent in the themes of her work all along. I think there are also people who are reflexively reacting against trans visibility for personal reasons, like Chapelle. As with many conspiracies, the dark truth is that people are very capable of acting reprehensibly without any help or organization.

  7. This isn't something that players should handle in-game. DM needs to pull this player aside and provide a patient explanation for why RPing non-con is not acceptable, especially involving other players, and offer an ultimatum: shape up or fuck off.

  8. It sounds like you broke your campaign by making changes to the leveling system, and then repeatedly applying DoMT. How did you even apply the Deck's XP awards to a milestone campaign? Why would you do this to your game?

  9. It helps if you hate your money, and want to be rid of it as quickly as possible.

  10. It's a simple job in theory but the devil is in the details.

  11. Thank you. Drugs.com has said no interaction but I’ll call the pharmacy when they open to ease my worries a little. I’ve really gotta get a pill organiser, I’ve had moments before where I’ve picked up the wrong box and stopped myself but I’m on holidays so my guards down a bit.

  12. how did it go today? there's no excuse not to get a pill minder, they're cheap and almost foolproof.

  13. Very cool, how are your powering them? Led and battery in the cap?

  14. Just be careful. Communes have a tendency to evolve ideology within a closed space, which can often lead to becoming a high-control group with no outside accountability, justifying some potentially dangerous activities.

  15. Hm, does it, though? I'm surprised to see this comment has so many upvotes, considering the distinct lack of evidence that intentional communities, communes, co-ops, etc. have a higher rate of control, unaccountability, or dangerous activities than society at large.

  16. There's a reason they're cult hotspots.

  17. Cults mimic the structure of intentional communities (IC) but they're different entities. You could call anything a cult, but the key characteristics (financial exploitation, authoritarianism, enforced isolation, systematic indoctrination, proselytism) needn't and usually aren't part of IC.

  18. The organization opposing the Cult of the Dragon is a secretive fifth column within the Cult itself. The more traditional members resent the Spymaster's influence, his cooperation with devils and attention to worldly matters. This group of true believers seeks to expunge the Spymaster's influence and re-dedicate the Cult to their original aims: bringing about Sammaster's apocalyptic prophesy [see Forgotten Realms lore, especially Hoard of the Dragon Queen]. This group of throwbacks and fanatics represents a much more global threat...if they could ever amass enough power and wealth to fulfill the prophesy, which could take many lifetimes. The party must decide whether to work with this group, balancing the need for help achieving short-term goals against the cost of indirectly helping a group that would happily cause the end of the world, perhaps generations hence. I'm imagining they have a general "Children of Atom" (Fallout NV) vibe, but you could make them more menacing or wall-eyed depending on your table's mood.

  19. Does this vampire actually hop? Because that's a very important part for me.

  20. lol "stable job" is not a benefit; that's like advertising food as "edible"

  21. Since your wife is now without arms, consider smoothies or other things that can be consumed thru a straw

  22. Others have already suggested a shim, which seems best. I'm wondering if maybe the batteries are old and stalling the motor?

  23. Well that sucks. This is one of the few times humans can intervene in a positive way and help those poor animals out.

  24. Nature has never needed human help, and 100% of attempts to do so have caused other problems. "Intervening" in natural seasonal burns is the reason we lose ten thousand acres a year to forest fires -- there are myriad examples.

  25. I agree with your comment, but as an example where we should intervene is where it prevents suffering. For example, I saw a nature documentary about a buffalo stuck in a mud pit and lions were attacking it, tearing skin off its back but unable to kill it quickly. In this case it is absolutely evil not to shoot the buffalo if able to do so. Nature has no conscience, humans do. If anyone disagrees, I assume that they would not help someone caught in a rip at the beach?

  26. The idea that someone could or should go around "humanely" euthanizing prey animals so they don't suffer when they're being eaten in the wild seems like a fantasy or at least extremely situational.

  27. The video isnt glossing over anything Its just a stupid joke. If we always have to expose every harsh reality of any scenario, there would he no comedy.

  28. Good comedy exposes harsh realities and speaks truth to power, and will continue to thrive with or without your protection.

  29. Can you give an example of something funny that "speaks truth to power"?

  30. https://www.openculture.com/2020/07/comedians-speaking-truth-to-power.html

  31. Wow, appalling. I've been pretty supportive of Baldwin, since actors are expected to use guns in unsafe ways to simulate violence, but there's almost no way this claim could be true. He's either claiming the gun fired itself without the hammer ever being pulled back, or that someone handed him a cocked gun? This doesn't make sense.

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