If you were crying today , what were you crying about?

  1. I watched a reaction video of "Everything Everywhere All at Once", the sort where someone watches something for the first time and we watch their reactions.

  2. I'm stressed tf out. Just got back from vacation my dogs cost more than they were supposed too. Dogs were sick all last week, shit everywhere. My garage door went out, needs replaced. My dryer also went out. Have another vacation in Nov, I probably can't afford, dogs need to go to the vet, and be boarded for that. Yet, the bf wants to know if we can plan another weekend away.... um you can, I guess. Have fun. Like, seriously. I AM BROKE AF

  3. I think those are happy tears. I'm more likely to get happy tears (happy, or in response to something touching) than sad tears.

  4. I cried about how i cant take pills, like medicine. it breaks me even more down when i looked up how to swallow pills and there’s literally children who can do it but I can’t because i find it difficult. I know this is stupid.

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