Yahoo Finance today 4:50 AM "More Likely to 5X First: GameStop or Bed Bath & Beyond"

  1. Hmm the timing of this...🤔 During this weekend BBBY got a considerably stronger foothold on the SuperStonk sub thanks to posts and comments. More and more of the GME holders starting to actually understand that BBBY isn't a diversion play and the connection to RC and RC Ventures still remains with a potential merger in the works.

  2. I'm ahead of the gme, got Bobby bag already, debating on koss to (all because of dd/tweets, 60s music n pillow fight) GME comes first though and will moon the hardest imo

  3. LOL so that means the are afraid of BBBY even more then GME at the moment? Same biased half truths garbage as always.

  4. Whoever wrote the article is an idiot. He writes about BBBY having divested Buy Buy Baby and lose all his credibility!

  5. Yes. My main takeaway other than a strong buy signal for BBBY was that the writer, through loose wording, makes it sound as if BBBY sold buybuy BABY, by including Christmas Tree Shops and Cost Plus etc. in the same sentence, which they did sell...

  6. Just to save people from wasting time - End lines - They wouldn't buy either, but if they had to choose they'd pick Gamestop for best multi year 5x potential.

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