This is how artists can make the world beautiful place to live!

  1. I wonder if the artist has permission to paint those seemingly public places. Otherwise, what is the difference between this and graffiti?

  2. I kept trying to imagine what I'd paint in the blank spot before the artist started painting. I was way off every time. This is so much more wholesome than the portals to hell I was picturing.

  3. To see the potential in a weed growing between cracks of the sidewalk, is a mark of incredible artistic genius.

  4. I bet children are incredibly charmed to encounter these little murals when out and about. Adorable surprise!

  5. Anone can draw a tree. The first attempt may just not be very good. From there, it just gets better with each one you draw.

  6. You can come over to my place. I will pay you a pretty penny and you can turn my backyard into something enjoyable again!

  7. Anyone know the artists name or place to follow the work, maybe I missed it here, but I see so often people just posting other people's work without even a name drop

  8. These look great, but keep in mind the semi lifelike 3d effects on some only really work at specific angles, on camera (because of how it processes images)

  9. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile. What a incredible display of natural talent. 👏🏻

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