This lady customer gave the waitress a huge amount of tip so that she can carry her college expenses.

  1. I’ve been saying this forever and I get downvotes in past for it. Just do something nice people and don’t film it.

  2. For real! I help people all the time and don't record it. I don't really even tell people I do it. It's not for anyone else other than the person I'm helping.

  3. agreed. My friend was offered $200 cash, gift cards and toys for their kids outside aldis. The people asked if they could film it for instagram, my friend said get the fuck out of here. He kept the money because they werent about to take the gifts back from their child and they all went out to a nice dinner. If you do this just to do this, cool. But if you do it to get likes online, go fuck yourself you are missing the point of being charitable.

  4. It inspired me to get some breakfast. It's been too long since I've had biscuits and gravy. I don't know if that's what they had but this kinda looks like the sort of place that serves biscuits and gravy.

  5. Exactly! They’re basically paying for likes on Instagram or TikTok. This is the Black Mirror episode come to life; total virtue signaling.

  6. But if it’s all we have, why not take the inspo. Before these videos, I never saw people doing good deeds for others except my mother who bought food for the homeless. I do get tired of people and these “anti recording” semantics.

  7. I came here to say what you said way better than I ever could. I felt embarrassed for that poor young lady. Just give her the $ on the sly, don't count out each bill into their waiting hand. Each time you pass some heartfelt charity along most people have their pride bruised just a little. Why do it over, and over, and over.

  8. “Performative charity giving” – I’ve been looking for a term for this. Its such a self-gratification, Insta click-baity thing to do. And the bullshit “let me slowly count these into your hand so the video runs longer.”

  9. It's also fucking weird and gross that one person can just change another person's entire life on a whim. Nobody should have that much or that little power for that to be possible.

  10. Yup, hard to argue against it when it probably helped the person out, but the undertone of "oh, look at me, feeding the peon, deliberately counting out the notes one at the time". With the shit music it almost feels like it has to be ironic somehow? Well, I'm sure that lady earned her wealth.

  11. Uhhhhh and if they didn’t record they probably would’ve never helped that girl that NEEDS help. So who’s the bad guy? Her recording herself help people or you trying to get “genuine” good deeds out of people?

  12. What would be amazing was if there was a system that didn't charge ridiculous fees for education and didn't require people to hope that a stranger would make a performance out of their generosity

  13. The whole fucking idea of filming this and then counting it into her hand is by far degrading and missing the whole point you karma farming asshat

  14. You can easily tell that this is a karmafarmer from the fact that they only post videos, which evades repost detections due to ressource constraints. Most karmafarmers are now doing this.

  15. And counting them out one at a time. Like "here is $200 or whatever for you" wouldn't have gotten the message across.

  16. It's a nice thing to do, sure, but I don't get the theatrics. Why count it out and film it? Just hand her the money.

  17. Always make sure the camera is running first and then count each note out individually so you can show your friends how kind you are.

  18. If only education was a fundamental right in the US. But here the powers at be don't seem to want an educated populace. George Carlins America Dream becomes more and more true every day.

  19. “Fucking god dammit Ted you didn’t even zoom in to show it was $100 bills?? You’re fucking useless ugh. I might not even post this now. YES I WANT YOU TO STILL SEND IT TO ME! I can edit music in and MAYBE salvage it Gaawd”

  20. Fucking hell, this is fucked up. Handing them one by one with that stupid grin on her face. Theres something so very slimy about this

  21. Ok, I know people don’t mind the videoing but the counting one bill at a time? Wow. Almost insulting? No?

  22. “Lemme just film my good deeds so that people know how good I am, also let me slowly count the money out so the camera can see it and it takes a long as possible to create as much of a scene as possible”

  23. If owners paid living wages, employees would not need to rely on the kindness of strangers like this wonderful woman. This post is bittersweet when you think it through.

  24. Nothing like filming yourself giving cash to someone out of the "goodness" of your heart and posting it on social media for recognition. Hate to be cynical but if you really want to be a good person, don't do things for clout on social media. Makes you look like its about yourself and not the person you're helping.

  25. The same point about filming good/nice deeds just for recognition, always gets brought up whenever a post like this comes up. While I agree people should do good deeds just for the sake of helping another person/people and not always record it for recognition. At the end of the day, it's people helping people, if you need to record it to do it, then I say record away. Always support and promote people helping people, there's enough shittyness in the world.

  26. Why film it and hand it out one note at a time? That's not charity, its publicity and its so demeaning to the kid receiving it.

  27. Lady sucks for exploiting a poor person for clout. Also there are far worse and more harmful ways that this is done and accepted so I will allow it because I know that girl really needed it and it's a net positive but man this is degrading.

  28. I happen to enjoy these kinds of Videos. This lady has the best intentions, the only bad part of filming it is now the tax man knows and she'll have to claim it. She knows this server well enough to know about her life, and wanted to help. I love seeing the relief in peoples eyes and the gratitude they show, I only wish I had the cash to make someones day amazing!

  29. Fucking hate this shit. Sure film it but just hand the money over. Seems a bit disrespectful to force the person to watch you slowly stack bills.

  30. The American way. Singled out situation where someone helps someone they don’t know. And then the aaawww-ing starts.

  31. These are so cringy. That's great you want to help someone out, but do it off camera, and don't make them stand there while you count it all out.

  32. This is so strange. Free university education and healthcare are minimal requirements to be included in the league of civilized countries. If the country can afford it. The US can that. I live in Scandinavia. Poor parents, no one with university education. Me and my brother both have university degrees. I have ADHD and is dyslexic. Getting where I am now. Is because I was lucky. A second chance was available when I started studying again at the age of 23. After only having 9 years of schooling before that. With low grades. Could this have been possible in the US? Yes, but a lot harder and a lot less likely to succeed. Also depending on that no family member get seriously sick during my studies. Forcing me to stop and start working. To help out. During my free university studies of five and a half years. I borrowed money from the government for my living expenses. Lower rates than any bank. Paid back yearly so a little after I turned 40years old it was all paid. FOR PEOPLE GIVING OTHER PEOPLE THINGS AND VIDEO TAPING IT! FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK YOU! That is If you’re rich and the taker is in need.

  33. Imagine living in a place where you have to pay your own education, instead of it being taxpayer funded. Education benefits everyone at all levels of a society. Just like healthcare.

  34. Turns “I fucking quit! Drug money for weeks!” At least that’s what I’d do Just because they’re filming me for there karma

  35. Can’t stand this white knight syndrome of having to have someone film you doing something nice or decent for another human being. You really only cared about the likes

  36. It indeed is amazing how in the wealthiest country on earth kids cry when someone offers to help pay for their education.

  37. I Renee this girl got a huge tip like that and afterward the manger threatened her job if she don’t apply it among everyone else there bs

  38. Probably already been said: why do young adults need to deal with so many college expenses? Fuck this capitalist hellhole

  39. Wow! Do you kids hate money so much now you actually call this "performance charity?" So this does not inspire you to do good things for others? Get over yourselves!!!! This college student (maybe that's what you really hate) is working a hard job (serving haters like you), going to college, and this family just made her life a bit easier. I'm happy to see these videos. Pay them forward! Screw the haters!

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