Bo1 is a great classic but this bug hasn’t aged very well..

  1. That bug where you're actually Red screening but the game lacks the visual indicator is so annoying. I love BO1 but that's got me quite a few times.

  2. That's not a bug brother, that's called splash damage, you got hit multiple times, didn't regen health, than whamma blammed your mustang sallies towards the horde, which, no matter where you hit them, you get splash damage, but also if you hit the ground to take them all out you get splash damage. You can survive this splash damage, but again, you hadn't regenerated your health from those couple of hits yet. Mustang Sally's always were meant to clear the horde off of you, but strategize so you get a few feet away on your next strafe/circling turn around, and get some distance before you blast. Even right there, if you pulled the horde back towards the stairs and put a little bit of distance between you and them, then whamma blammed the mustang sally bo ballie's, problem solved. Also, be patient, wait those couple of extra seconds and do another circle or 2 to regen your health, then pull away from the horde and blammarino.

  3. No theres a bug that doesnt show that youre red screened even when you are. If op had known that he was red screened then he wouldnt have blasted away

  4. That’s a bad training spot IMO. I would never do that on Kino considering there’s no PHD. I never run Mustang and Sally without PHD. Moments like this will inevitably happen

  5. Man! I love bo1, but I hate how restrictive the settings are on PC. I just cant play on FOV that low. WAW before it and Bo2 after it let you mess with the FOV

  6. Go to your BO1 folder, open the players folder, and double click on config.cfg (not config_mp.cfg). Add a new line after "unbindall" called bind U cg_fov 90 and save the file. Whenever you spawn in, just hit U to set your FOV to 90, which is the max MP allows. Unfortunately, after doing certain actions like taking a zipline in COTD, your FOV will be reset, but you can just hit U again to set it back to 90. A little odd but you get used to it.

  7. It’s mostly just the weird regen, you assume since you have no red markers on screen that your full health

  8. You just blew yourself up lma0. Your health wasn't low enough to be red, but within the threshold of killing yourself with splash damage.

  9. I’m still considering it a bug because I would of been between 51 and 75 health and there was plenty of time to regen lol

  10. True, but, the health regen back then is longer, because the way quick revive is now, making you regen health faster, didn't apply back then. And you didn't even have quick revive, but it didn't regen health faster back then like it does now. So you gotta regen those few hits of health because splash damage on mustang sallie's will drop you, even if you take just two hits and dont regen health first.

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