My mother believes the covid vaccine is the "mark of the beast", advice?

  1. Does she have a trusted primary care doctor? Please tell her to make an appointment with them and discuss her vaccine concerns. Also, maybe her pastor, if she isn't getting her anti-vax views from her church.

  2. Her primary care doctor has already spoken with her about getting the vaccine but she won’t budge. I think I will attend a service at her church this Sunday to see if they speak about the vaccine at all. Maybe I can ask him for some advice if he’s reasonable.

  3. You can tell her the vaccine is not the mark of the beast because that will take place at the midpoint of the tribulation (a 7 year time of distress beginning with a peace agreement involving Israel), and will include a willing allegiance/worship (Rev 14:9,11) to the then clearly identified antichrist (you cannot take it accidentally). None of those events have occurred yet.

  4. If someone has gone that deep no amount of information will dislodge their beliefs. Part of their ideology is to dismiss all other information outright. The only option is to address her as a person in relation: how much she means to you, how horrible it would be for her to be gone from your family, your future, your life by something that is completely preventable.

  5. I’m afraid you’re probably right. It seems that a rational discussion won’t work anymore; I’m going to have to rely on a more emotional approach. Thanks for your advice

  6. You can’t because this is a symptom of a more extensive issue. Her faith has been politicized, captured in service to national interests, and until that leash is broken you’re not going to change her mind on individual issues.

  7. So many non-believers assume that if you simply show a Christian that their beliefs are in conflict with the Bible, then they'll change their mind.

  8. You’re right. She doesn’t want to listen to anything that goes against what these conspiracy youtubers tell her, I guess I will have to rely on a more emotional approach to convince her. Thanks for your advice

  9. Sadly, it sounds as if she is going to be one of those who are begging for the vaccine as she is being intubated, way too late. Praying for your family, it’s going to be tough to handle that situation

  10. These people are very confused about what the Mark is. I’m not even sure where the whole micro chip/vaccine nonsense started. Like who ever said the Mark would be technology or medicine?

  11. Explain to her that how can this vaccine be the mark of the beast when we haven't even started the tribulation yet? The mark doesn't even happen until 3.5 years AFTER the tribulation begins. Israel has to be surrounded and destroyed first and THEN the temple rebuilt and THEN the antichrist will implement the mark of the beast. And the vaccine has absolutely nothing to do with your right hand or forehead. Explain to her that we haven't even started the tribulation and the antichrist, who will implement the mark of the beast, doesn't even take control until the half way point.

  12. Read Revelation 13, and ask to discuss how she interprets it with you. It could be a learning experience for both of you!

  13. The Mark of the Beast comes when the Antichrist is here to announce it and he sets his throne in Israel. The Antichrist is not going to be the president of USA but one man that is going to be King and ruler of the entire world. He will also claim that he is God and the Christ and have everyone bow to him and denounce Jesus. Neither of those things has happened and many Christians believe the rapture will be here before that even happens.

  14. Tell her if she gets COVID and dies from it you will never forgive her. You will be mad at her and resent her until you die.

  15. Tell her that, on closer reading of the relevant passage in the Revelation, it would make far more sense to believe that credit cards and bank cards are the mark of the beast.

  16. It wouldn't make sense for that either. If we are not doing a fully literal reading, everything was fulfilled with Nero in the roman empire.

  17. The mark of the beast is seen. Specifically seen either on the right hand or the forehead. It isnt a vaccine. It's a mark. Hence the litreal name.

  18. Tell her that Revelation 13:16 says that the mark will be taken in the right hand or the forehead, which is not true for a vaccine. Who knows, the vaccine may be related to the mark in the future, but the vaccine itself is not the mark.

  19. There are sources giving her that misinformation. Usually its coupled with other things that are benign and so she takes that bad information along with the good information, as meaning its all good information. It is isn't a self-generated stance to refuse this vaccine. Its something people are being taught not to take. So I would find the source of it and see if you can do anything about finding a better source that accommodates all the other good things she wants, but without that Covid misinformation tagged onto it. That might help. It is just one way. Others have made great suggestions about family doctors etc. A good one is to show places in extreme poverty that Christians are supposed to have a duty in helping and how bad the situation is for them with Covid. Hopefully she can make the link between the charity of the Christian and the need for vaccinations as part of that charity.

  20. If the devil is saving people’s lives then he might not be so bad, even if it was ‘the mark of the beast’ it’d still be a service to mankind and ultimately something that displays values of the Christian god.

  21. While I don't think the vaccine is the mark of the beast(the technology for a biblical mark for that level of control I don't think exists just yet), maybe you need to respect her wishes after you both have given your opinions and stop violating her privacy.

  22. The Bible says the mark of the beast will be on the right hand or the forehead. This vaccination is not the mark of the beast.

  23. It's simply not the mark the mark will be placed in your hand or forehead and it will happen once the Christian church is not in this world anymore.

  24. 1- We're not in the end times, nor in the antichrist reign 2-The Mark is on the Head or hand 3- The Mark won't be something sneaky trying to catch everyone offguartd, It's happening during the reign of the antichrist, It will be widely known and advertized that It's his Mark, and since everybody loves him and gates God everybody will take It

  25. just tell her you got vaccined and you still alive fine, tell her the devil have no power over yur soul because only God have power over the human soul.

  26. Tell her that the mark of the beast is taken in the right hand or the forehead, and you cannot buy or sell without it. It is taken during the tribulation, and given out by the false prophet.

  27. The Mark won’t occur until after mid way through the Tribulation. After the Anti-Christ comes to power, forges a false peace with Israel, breaks the covenant, dies, then is resurrected and sits on the throne in the rebuilt Solomon’s Temple declaring himself to the world as God. Then the Mark will become something that’s has to be chosen by all humans. So a lot has to happen first the Mark is introduced.

  28. I thought the government killed Jesus 🤣 how do you guys mental gymnastics your way out of that !? Seriously !?

  29. The only way to know what the biblical mark of the beast was, is from both scripture and history to back it up. We must first identify the beast.

  30. Honestly, it sounds like she’s been brainwashed, possibly by an authority figure in her Christian circle.

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