[Idea] A New and Basic System to Promote Good Sportsmanship and Reduce BMing

  1. I guess that could be a possibility but I think at least some people would use this system to reward their opponents even if they lost. There isn't a punishment tho

  2. Not true, almost ALL multilayer game have one way or another to keep track of civility. Either a reward/start system or a"reported this player" feature.

  3. Personally I would say no to any ebarbs or eg players. Most of the time I would say yes if they haven't done any kind of BM or stuff like that.

  4. People lose enjoyment of the game and leave because of BMing. Supercell is hurting themselves by increasing it.

  5. Usless stuff, saw on League of Legends, no one used since they are mad for the lose, supercell making money about toxic people.

  6. If only there was a tool in the game that mutes the emotes omg this game is so broken definitely unplayable

  7. I know there is a Mute button but I just thought it would be cool to reward good sports. I guess it isn't fully necessary tho.

  8. They don’t want to reduce emoting. People have spent lots of money on emotes and SC makes lots on emotes. The nice thing is SC built a mute function for those bothered by it.

  9. how can people be so bothered by little animations that have no impact on the on going game, that they have to mute them?

  10. This system is almost like a quick survey after you play any match whether it's Clan Wars 2 or Ladder. After each game, you will receive a small popup that will ask if your opponent was a good sport (similar to Brawl Stars Map Competition). If you press "Yes", you will give your opponent +1 to their Reward Requirement. Once you reach 15 "Yes" reviews, you will receive 5000 Gold as a reward. If you press "No", no points will be added or taken away to your opponent's Reward Requirement in order to prevent abuse. Players who prefer not to see these popups can opt-out.

  11. this is a great idea imo. i would love to see this because its a tiny progression boost and it guarantees the overall playerbase would be much less toxic as time goes by

  12. We could just turn off emotes permanently.. it's rarely used for sportsmanship. They're made to shit on your opponent. I saw the cannon fail to ejaculate today as an emote... Like... What the actual fuck

  13. there should be a system like you can only vote when you have when you got 250 good sport or else every kid will always do no, the reward should be not 5000 it should be 100-200 and the punishment should be to not get gold from the next match

  14. Too all the people who don’t like this... why? If the opponent says no then nothing happens, all is the same. If the opponent gives the award to spread positivity, even if it doesn’t happen often, why is that a bad thing?

  15. fuck no BM’ing is literally the best thing ever. It sucks when it happens to you, but boy does it feel good to BM after the dude prematurely said GG

  16. There is no punishment like I said earlier. You won't lose any points for getting negative reviews so you can still BM without punishment.

  17. lol there isn't even a punishment for BMing in the idea I proposed. it only rewards good sportsmanship, but leaves BMing alone.

  18. great ideas are rarely implemented at CR dev team. terrible ideas that promote the death of the game do make it quite often though.

  19. I'd just say everyone was a bad sport who beat me and if I would other people would, dv me all you want but just being honest

  20. I would say no every time and I’m sure most people would too so if there was any negative reward then this would likely be annoying

  21. What's to stop people from lying? In an ideal world though it would be good to see someone's BM percentage. Everybody has off days.

  22. Personally this idea wouldn't be great since there would 100% definitely be people that would put your opponent was not a good sport.

  23. Omg. Another complaint about BMing. Time to grow up, mate. It’s a game. If it bothers you that much, go back to Minecraft.

  24. Lol if you read what I detailed, this is only to reward good sports, there is no punishment for BMers. You can still spam emotes as much as you want, but you just won't get a free reward.

  25. I've been meaning to propose something similar, with the following difference: Instead of using the information to give a reward, use the information to auto-mute for combinations of people that would likely find the emoting annoying.

  26. I don't want to be that guy but getting upset at BMing is like getting upset the tv is too loud... (There's a mute button for a reason)

  27. lol i don't get why people think this is some feature that bans emotes. its just a system to reward good sports; it doesn't even punish BMing at all.

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