Super satisfying log-spewing xbow.

  1. Supercell: We noticed that X-Bow log launcher is dominating the meta. We decided to nerf its sight range by 1/10 of a tile. That should stop it from being so overbearing.

  2. I'm curious if you can damage the crown towers with that. Since x-bows can damage crown towers if placed the closest to enemy lines.

  3. How? Only air units are immune to the logs knockback for obvious reasons. No ground unit that isn't a building can resist it

  4. this si one of the most outlandish video ive seen in a while. the infinite health cage goblin killed me

  5. Way OP for 6 elixir. Bump it up to 8, and take the lifetime to 30sec and it should be fine to release - break the game - and get people to spend money leveling it up.

  6. my question is, if the Log Launcher was a CR card, would it target all entities or just buildings? because both would make sense. it would be really cool if it was the first card you could specifically choose to aggro on tower or just randomly attack enemies. attacking tower would ensure damage going directly down the lane and hitting tower, but would provide for predictability and you could counter with well-placed swarms. attacking enemies would provide for more precise enemy management but lose that predictability, at the expense of being able to react to enemies being placed. lemme know if you think this would be balancable, i think it would be without a doubt a very good card but i think the main balancing points would be the spawn rate. maybe to make it more fair the logs do slightly less knockback? just spitballing. i think CR could use a new mechanic even if it's incorporated with ones we already have. anyways, i appreciate anyone that took the time to read that.

  7. Bro lmfao I don’t think it could be balance able at all without taking away the key parts like the knock back. It’d just be OP without a doubt, you could low er the rate at which it spawns logs or even make it stationary or even take away any damage, the knock back itself would prove to be a hindrance, a huge one. Honestly not sure how it would even interact with other cards tbf, it just seems way too different and way too OP imo. But maybe it could work, those are just my thoughts lol

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