ok but the real question is...since it's level 1 does that mean you can upgrade it

  1. In order to get the badge, click on the menu bar, navigate to settings, then permanently delete your account. You will receive an email which will give you your account back with the addition of the secret badge.

  2. Completing all masteries. It has to be the basic 5 battles, plus the first and second sets all 3 times, and then the lvl 14 mastery if the card has it. When they update the cards that don’t have lvl 14 mastery you have 3 days to complete it or they remove your badge.

  3. These people are all lying. It’s simple, you need to beat the trainer 100 times in a row and buy river of gems twice. then you should see it on your profile

  4. Buying pass royale every season for 5 years straight if you forget to one time then you have to start from the beginning

  5. Watch the credits fully and you will get it. To find the credits, click the three lines in the top right of screen and then click the settings button, there you will find the credits. If you see it fully, you will get this badge

  6. I watched it like 10 times to no avail. Maybe there’s other secret shit to do. Perhaps even a seasonal thing where a new secret Easter egg comes every update

  7. There is no maxLevel data value in the API. That could mean that there already is more easter eggs or that the max level is 1.

  8. Please stop spreading misinformation. Imagine how disappointed they'll be once they watch all of it, just to receive nothing. You are a cruel and sick individual.

  9. Lol why people so pressed about people being helpful and telling other people? Doesn’t seem like it’s a joke anymore with people downvoting others so much. Grow up, stop being selfish, and touch some grass.

  10. To unlock this badge, all you need to do is max out the mastery of every card, own every card at max level and star level (including champions) you need to be in top 10,000 to get it.

  11. I thought about it, too when i got it, but it looks like you can’t for now, they’re definitely gonna add more secret stuff and you’ll be able to level it up.

  12. The achievement you get for losing 25 battles in a row. SC added it as a way to try to quell anger from tilting, as they want to keep players invested in the game and not rage quit. I don't really think it's worth tilting so hard just for 1 badge, but if you really want it, feel free to go for it.

  13. You get it by buying every offer in the shop in a day. It doesn't include the paid offers, just the 6 card offers and the 3 emote offers.

  14. I thought it upgrades each time you watch the credits but when I watched them a second time it didn't upgrade. :(

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