Season has ended, the log is still used more than the other 2 elixir spells combined, even after nerf

  1. there’s honestly way too many cards that are only reliably and effectively taken out by log for a neutral/positive trade

  2. Ye. To change it's interactions you would have for it to no longer kill princess, because that's one of the main reason why you would use log over barb barrel or snowball. I don't get why supercell is trying to nerf log by nerfing it's pushback (and crown tower damage) when it's main utility is to kill bait troops and stop charges from troops like ram rider or prince.

  3. I think reworking some of the cards log kills to be killed by arrows and others to be killed by zap/snowball would be good. Maybe make firecracker 2 elixir and make her die to snowball and zap, and make princess survive log but die to arrows and attack a bit slower?

  4. I can't believe that people were trying to argue that the Log was balanced and the damage nerf was unnecessary. It feels like it's used in almost every deck. Buffing other spells isn't gonna solve the issue, the Log just needs a decent nerf.

  5. Pretty much the main reason I don't play zap is that it causes me to lose to bait which is way to common

  6. Maybe just have zap stun for longer. That way an unaccompanied gob barrel will get little to no damage, but it won't outright kill them if they are being tanked for.

  7. if they nerf log bait as an archetype I 100% promise more people will swap to zap or snowball overnight. The simple fact that logbait will never not be good and punish you insanely if you don't have a log is the only thing needed for the log's use rates to always remain high. Until the devs understand this the use rate won't ever change unless it suddenly becomes worse at dealing with bait cards than the other options.

  8. 1000% right. Idiots that say a ton of stuff counter log bait are wrong. Use rate has to do with countering strong cards. Log is the best for gob barrel, cannon is best for hog.

  9. Ur stupid cuz you're asking to nerf log due to logbait but ignoring the fact nerfing log means nerfing the whole meta of cycle users and if Supercell does so no of the creators will support and move to COC and players can also quit the game until it's buffed again

  10. It's not just bait, log is incredibly good in every matchup. The knockback never comes up against bait deck because the troops get oneshotted, but if they removed it the card would die overnight. Log is not used because of the popularity of bait, it's used because it's broken

  11. Hell, I play a logbait variation and I still say that snowball should instakill goblins. It would make it so much more viable, while still keeping logs place as a positive princess killer

  12. They need to nerf a shitton of light cards if they ever wanna change this, they balance light cards around other light cards and key spells, completely ignoring the balance outside that realm which leads to light/cycle decks being inherently powerful

  13. I think the more balanced solution is increasing zap's stun long enough so goblin barrel only gets 2 shots instead of 3.

  14. It used to do it and GB was terrible, so you would be reducing the use rate of log in exchange of killing an entire archetype.

  15. High use rate usually means more bad players using it so the use rates go down, same case for other cards like Hog or Goblin Barrel if taking ladder stats

  16. Let me explain this: if everybody, like 100% of the players, uses log in their deck all the time, then 50% of the matches will be lost with the log and 50% will be won. The higher the usage the more the winrate will go to 50%

  17. Yeah, this is important. Also i believe its good as it counters goblin barrel, princess, and dart goblin. But useless against flying troops. So it doesn’t deserve any nerf.

  18. Log didn't get the 50% kb nerf because the community complained about it so instead they nerfed log's crown tower damage from 30% to 20%. This is the nerf he's talking about.

  19. It's because log is used in ALL cycle decks. It's way too broken on defense, just throw it down and you buy a few seconds more for your cycle cards and towers to kill the pushes. This needs to be nerfed, at least the knockback

  20. Remember when people were crying about the log nerf? And it’s still one of the best cards in the game, with its usage not even dropping

  21. Zap is probably the worst 2 elixir spell.The sole reason for its use is to stop inferno towers,and in any other situation it is outclassed by other spells

  22. One of the reasons zap is so bad is it doesn't full counter barrel. And to make it clear, I don't think it should. We've seen how useless barrel was back in 2016 when they made zap 1 shot goblins.

  23. its also the best against skarmy because the spell is instant. If you use log or snowball against skarmy chances are skarmy is gonna get alot of damage off before the spell hits, unless you get a hard read.

  24. Log is used a lot, but it does NOT make you win (win rate is the same 49% in top ladder, so that's not because of lack of skill).

  25. Just because it's used a lot doesn't mean something needs to change... log might be better but that is because of its design and the current meta, each spell offers its own advantages. Zap stuns, snowball has big knockback and slows, barb barrel gives you a barb.

  26. Lower win rate tho also log will always be the most used unless they come out with a new speed it’s in every meta deck almost and the only way they can make it less used it by changing how it works entirely and then it wouldn’t fit in the legendary category log isnt one of the cards I see and wanna dc immediately and I’m sure nobody else does either it’s a spell almost all decks have spells ofc it’s gonna have a high use rate

  27. The problem is this, the log comes out fast and is active a decent amount of time meaning that the room for error is relatively high, large area of effect, decent duration of effect, it knocks back which is a rather good tool.

  28. Its cause everyone has already maxed it out and not the other cards. Think the numbers will match better after this season.

  29. I think Snowball or Barb Barrel were better even before the Log nerf, I think people just don't like to change it (for some reason)

  30. What the hell are they supposed to do, it'll always at least kill skeletons and goblins and have knock back. What more can they do, honestly?

  31. Log is love !! People look at it just as a 2 elixir spell but man it can do a lot.. if you perfect timing it's a very good defense .. The wizard damage can be reduced to two hits rather than four to princess tower.. it's a fairly decent defense against graveyard ( you take some hit) .. it helps to divert the tanks attack to nearby building when locked into king/princess tower.. slow down dash .. barrel , goblins , princess dead .. gets the shield off dark prince and skeletons...

  32. Snowball could push princess and charging units too, so I'd expect to see it more, I think the log has just been used for so long people don't want to mess with their ironclad strategy they've been using for so long

  33. I sure do wonder what brain damaged win condition could possibly be forcing Log's usage rates to this point by proxy of defending it

  34. The issue is all the other spells are kinda bad imo log is the only spell that for 2 elixir gives you every trade you need it to without tons of thought.

  35. Log is not the problem. There's just too many cards where log is the only good counter.

  36. The not hitting of flying troops no longer justifies everything the log gets done. There are what, 15 cards that fly out of over 100 now?

  37. Just a reminder if the goblin barrel is used in the center of the princess tower you can use the snowball to push the goblins to activate the king tower

  38. I knew the nerf wasn't that bad and it'd still be one of the most popular cards in the game. Everyone was whining about the crown tower damage nerf just to still use it, people just don't want to see their card get nerfed

  39. There’s so much swarm and log bait that zap and snowball should get a buff. Executioner needs a buff too to kill all the ludicrous loon and lava decks.

  40. I believe that making other small spells kill goblin barrel would be a good idea. Making other small spells more useful and nerfing log bait, because it's really strong right now.

  41. when will people realize that log is not overpowered but overused because of the multitude of cards and interactions literally built around it

  42. Imo log doesn't deserve a nerf cuz it's a frickin legendary card so if they nerf its knockback it will be a worse version of snow ball yes it deals good damage but snow ball will knockback troops more and slow them down on top of that it hits air troops Log is just really versatile it can fit in any deck regardless of the cycle so log is actually pretty balanced after the lat nerf that it got 🙃

  43. A card being legendary doesn’t justify being op. All cards should be balanced regardless of their rarity.

  44. The game is not balanceable with the cards already in the game. You'd have to rework like a quarter of the cards.

  45. Because log bait is everywhere. There’s no other spell that will get positive trades for everything in log bait

  46. Maybe if zap and snowball killed goblin barrel, log wouldn’t be used so frequently. I think supercell needs to assess why log has such a high pick rate. It’s because logbait is meta and either they need to nerf it or make the other 2 people elixer spells counter it

  47. Make zap kill goblins again. But buff minions health slightly so zap doesn’t kill them. Zap got put on the shelf ever since that nerf.

  48. Because it counters multiple wincons in the game. It’s not a broken card, also people just use log as their go to cheap spell and never give others a try or they just might not work well with their deck. I personally started using snowball more just for the variety of how it interacts with more cards

  49. i don’t understand the hype of log, like it can’t attack air and zap can. also arrows imo is a better log but we can agree to disagree. not here to argue just stating my opinion

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