Hogan: Governors like me rely on experts for COVID facts. Dr. Fauci has never let me down.

  1. Yes, Hogan has been against trump and for science in this pretty much since the beginning. Along with the R governor of Ohio as well, dewine I think?

  2. Last week he actually addressed this. He basically said since he is head of the governor's association, he doesn't want to be seen as partisan, since his job is also to help both democratic and republican governor's.

  3. He's the chairman of the National Governors Association. He has been speaking up for a while. He kissed Trump's ass in the beginning, but once it was clear that ass kissing didn't get us help, he started going on all the Sunday news shows, complaining about the lack of assistance and leadership. He plans to run in 2024. Sure, he's handled COVID well but his record prior to COVID is pretty shitty.

  4. Yes, he has had some disagreements with Trump throughout the presidency. They just haven’t made national news until COVID.

  5. His wife is South Korean, and she helped secure some PPE shipments to Maryland. She had some connections.

  6. Yes he’s been a one of the few decent humans in the party for a while and has been floated as a possible 2024 candidate.

  7. I'd really been happy for everything Hogan had been doing, but ever since he started letting things open obviously cases has gone up. We've hit our highest cases since MAY.

  8. We did ok when we went to Phase 1 in May. Since going to Phase 2 (mid June), cases have started trending up again. The hospitalizations and deaths haven’t spiked yet but that could just be lagging.

  9. The reality is we cant stay closed for the duration of covid. Every single small business would fail if we closed for 9+ months. Opening up slowly and responsibly is the compromise we had to make.

  10. Yeah he is doing better than I had hoped, but if he really wants to help us get better than he will order stores to close again

  11. Changing your mind with new evidence is fine but if you’re talking about the business with the masks, everyone should be extremely pissed off with them.

  12. Strange how trusting the countries leading expert on infectious disease is abnormal when trying to stop infectious disease. Wtf is going on?

  13. Some people want all their information supplied by one source because theyre intellectually lazy. They'd rather take medical advice from a failed politician because they align themselves with that politician and have an "us" vs "them" mentality. I believe its how mask wearing became politicized. Its bizarre. I dont go to a doctor because my vehicle is having issues, or ask my doctor how to fix my hot water tank.

  14. I got so mad during Wallace’s interview with trump and how trump totally lied about his relationship with Dr. Fauci. Even when Chris pointed out that there was crap coming from the WH discrediting Fauci, trump just blamed it on staffers.

  15. If they had said “masks masks masks” from the beginning and the government put into place effective contract tracing - which likely hundreds of tech companies could have handled very effectively - AND people were willing to temporarily give up a tiny bit of freedom for the good of their country and most places could have avoided lockdowns.

  16. Just don't ask Fauci about lockdowns. He said this, three weeks after China locked-down Wuhan, and after we knew 5M people escaped that poorly-executed attempt:

  17. The majority of N95s in circulation in February/March weren't cleared for medical use (a.k.a. FDA certified), so they had to buy time until the administration could push through the "emergency use authorization" to allow them to be used in healthcare settings. Imagine if he had suggested everyone wear masks and the majority of the US supply had been purchased by private citizens, leaving our healthcare workers on the front lines with none?

  18. But part of that is we are seeing information about a brand new virus that is behaving in unknown ways, until we can observe it. So a scientist (or doctor) who is modifying the way they are responding to a crisis that is rapidly evolving is, in my eyes, better than one who doesn’t.

  19. I’ve always interpreted that as “they did a good job after they initially dropped the ball” ie they recovered well.

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