Stuck on ski lift above Broken pipe

  1. But have you seen the bank robbery with the guy getting shot by the security guard and leaking all over the place? It's only been shared about 260 times in 3 days. /S

  2. I was on a chairlift once which shut down for an hour or so. They had to rope us down since they couldn't get it working. They gave each of us 2 free day passes, one to make up for that day and another just as compensation. Wasn't bad, just an inconvenience.

  3. Could it be that he was unconscious for some reason? Just wondering because it doesn't seem that high and it seems to make no sense to stay inside this gas exhaust to wait it out.

  4. Wow i initially laughed but quickly realised this isn't funny probably a life or death situation. With the amount of snow and all its probably cold to very cold out and getting sprayed by literally freezing water is a quick way to die of hyperthermia

  5. I'd try to at least redirect the water a bit with my surfboard so he doesn't get the full blast. Poor guy

  6. Pro tip if you're ever a bystander watching this happen; try and aim the snow elsewhere by either moving the nozzle or deflecting with a snowboard

  7. At what point does hypothermia set in?! That’s gonna be brutal you would have to jump, wouldn’t you?

  8. They could definitely mitigate it by slightly putting their hands all around it and looking away ya know

  9. Can we just start installing a deployable rope ladder to escape the chair lift? It seems like a great thing to have available regardless of the water pipe situation. I am not super excited about being stranded on anything.

  10. Not one person on the ground with obviously far more resources is looking to at least deflect that shit.

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