1. This is also most likely a fake conversation, especially given it being taken while she’s typing for extra comedic effect

  2. Seriously, that's a brave reply. Doesn't even matter if it works or not, it's a good comeback to that line

  3. The weird part is he took a screenshot before her next reply. Like you send it to your buddy. "Oh now she sent a message, let me send another screenshot with it" like ???

  4. The biggest cringe that nobody here is addressing is the 348 fucking notifications going unaddressed in this mans inbox!! WTF, go through ya damn notifications dude

  5. Whats cringe about this? She rejected him its not like this could go anywhere from here, might as well make the joke and post it on the internet for likes lmao

  6. where the hell is the cringe part about this? The only thing what is Cringe here is the step brother message but u can clearly see it's from OP so yea, u called ur self out OP.

  7. The people (like OP) that found this cringe are projecting and are trying to put this dude down for song something they wish they could

  8. "I only see you as a brother" like is this really something girls see in guys? It would made more sense if she just said "I only see you as a friend" but as a brother? So she's close to him but not in a romantic/sexual way?

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