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  1. It's like a brand new type of song where you can put the lyrics at any place and the song will still make just as much sense as it did in the first place

  2. This has been driving me nuts. I've seen these two posted on reddit singing this same damn song so many times and there's never a beat. As ridiculous as these guys are, they're not completely tone def and I could actually see a realm of reality where they were put in contact with a genius producer who basically did all the work and turned their little one-off hook into a halfway decent reggae-trap track along the lines of Damien Marley.

  3. Why would they even care, they're making bank off of doing whatever the fuck it is they do. As long as idiots keep paying them, I really dont think they care too much what the general public thinks of them.

  4. theyre actually aware of it, or i would hope they are. they are making lots of money off it so even if they are aware they will likely still continue to put on their act

  5. When they look at their bank account, they don't care and while you're laughing at them, they are laughing at you going to your job 5 days a week to barely get by 🤷‍♀️

  6. Sad to see they actually aren’t in on the joke… or just thought they could pull it off. How do you take yourself seriously when… broadly gestures to… the island boys…?

  7. Look at that one chick, Bhad Barbie or whatever. We have a habit of elevating idiots to the stage of fame, just for being idiots. They get rich, we boo, but they’re still rich.

  8. The thing is from What I’ve heard is that they’re actually making shit tons of money. They’re the fucking worst but like, what do they care if the money keeps rolling in right. They’re also fucken tone deaf.

  9. yeah and their actual music is extremely bad. It's strange to me because they want to blow up and become famous musicians yet at the peak of their fame they didn't even link their Spotify in any social. None of their shit is a bit I'm convinced they are actually really stupid

  10. Sad? It’s superb that they legit rate themselves, makes the cringe even more of a struggle to observe.

  11. Me and some of my friends would pay money to experience this concentrated cringe in person, i'm guessing other people would too lol.

  12. If these guys had any brains they would have gone straight into a studio as soon as they went viral and laid down the song if it can be called that to a beat, put it on itunes and watch it become a meme hit…. Instead they do this and become even more of an embarrassment

  13. Its amazing how this two got internet famous and were invited to perform on this stage because we can get enough of crack jokes about them. Then we get mad cause we see them every 3rd post.

  14. I assume their mum was twerking up against a palm tree and accidentally got some sap in there… hey presto these two cheesestring mascot looking fuck knuckles were born!

  15. Alright, I’ve seen these guys a few times now. Can someone tell me whether they’re serious or are they just really committed to a joke I’m not getting?

  16. You know these dudes have to be from some rich suburb and have never been to an island other than the vacations their dad dragged em on while he was out for a "conference". 100% these dudes have had two Christmases since they were 5 because their folks got divorced when the mom got back from banging her pilates instructor to find the dad "pruning the hedges" with two of the gardeners in the guest bedroom. These dudes once stole a Kit Kat from their nanny just so they can say they are living the thug life. The tall dude from big bang theory got more street cred than these cheeto headed posers.

  17. You all created this, by letting people like 69 believe he's a rapper, it'll only get worse..good rappers are hard to find nowadays.

  18. Man, I kinda feel bad for them…NAH! I’m just playing! If you put yourself out like that, you need to be ready for the consequences, good or bad.

  19. I considered Tik Tok as a serious thing the minute I heard the “Ocean Spray” chill dude went viral and got a truck out of it and Fleetwood contacted him. He deserved it though. Also not sure if there’s been viral things BEFORE Ocean Spray dude but he’s one person I’m genuinely happy for as it changed his life for the better

  20. Are these 2 just rich from before tiktok? I keep having the misfortune of seeing them on various social media platforms flexing with a bunch of cash and clothes and cars. Or is that all from their "hit" song?

  21. They gotta get an actual beat going. Nothing worse than being in a club and the music cuts out. I’d boo just about anyone to be fair

  22. About time, these two idiots are only famous cause they suck and don’t get that they are a joke to everyone.

  23. If these guys came out in support of trump you’d see every maga idiot blasting this music calling them musical geniuses

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